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The University of Texas at Arlington


PhD (In Progress)

  • Paul Quillen
  • Ameya Godbole
  • Rajnish Bhusal
  • Adam Johnson
  • Diganta Bhattacharjee
  • Katyayani (Kati) Balachandran

MS (In Progress)

  • Roopak Karulkar (ME)
  • Karan V. Rao (ME)
  • Abel Martinez (AE)
  • Prabhjeet Singh Arora (ME)
  • Mitchel Thomas McDonald (AE)
  • Matthew Shaver (AE)

Undergraduate (In Progress)

  • Sanjana Choudhary (AE)
  • Namrata Kubal (AE)
  • Jacobus P. Matthee (AE)

ASL Alumni

PhD Completed

  1. Pengkai Ru Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Cooperative Control and Estimation - May 2017
  2. Tracie Perez A Framework for Employing Femto-satellites in Planetary Science Missions, Including a Proposed Mission Concept for Titan - December 2016
  3. Stanley Ryan Sifford System Health Monitoring Using Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Techniques - December 2016
  4. Ghassan Atmeh Novel Neuro-Dynamic Methods for Solving Robotic Planning and Control Problems - December 2015
  5. Brian Copp Bayesian Statistics and Information Fusion for GPS-Denied Navigation - December 2015
  6. Alok Rege Characterization of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Analysis using Computational Methods - December 2015
  7. Pavan Kumar Nuthi Aspects of Intuitive Control: Stabilize, Optimize, Identify - May 2015
  8. Laura Henderson (NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2011), Amelia Earhart Fellowship (2011-2012). Modeling, Estimation, and Analysis of Unresolved Space Object Tracking and Identification - May 2014. Currently at NextGen Aeronautics.
  9. Mousumi Ahmed (Amelia Earhart Fellowhip, 2011-2012). Graph-Theoretic Framework Based Cooperative Control of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - December 2012. Currently at Lord Microsystems.
  10. Jennifer Goss (Amelia Earhart Fellowship, 2006-08). Optimal-Control Theoretic Methods for Optimization and Boundary Control of Distributed Parameter Systems – May 2009. Currently at Sikorsky Aircraft, Fort Worth, TX

PhD Completed (Co-Advised)

  • Abhijit Das (EE, Jointly supervised with Prof. Frank L. Lewis) – 2010. Currently at Caterpillar, Illinois.
  • Dr. Jyotirmay Gadewadikar (EE, Jointly supervised with Prof. Frank L. Lewis).
  • Dr. Puneet Singla (AE, Jointly supervised with Prof. John L. Junkins at Texas A & M University). Currently an associate professor at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at SUNY, Buffalo (Jointly supervised with Prof. John L. Junkins at TAMU)

Visiting Student Researchers

  1. Mihir Ravindra Mogra (BS, Junior, College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India) - Analysis and Implementation of a LIDAR system for Obstacle Detection in Unmanned Ground Vehicle Applications - Summer 2017
  2. Ivan Doria Posca (BS, Sophomore, University of Washington, Pullman) - Navigation in GPS denied environment (Wall Following Quadcopter) - Summer 2016
  3. Siddharth Nair (BTech, Junior, IIT Mumbai) - Cooperative Control and Consensus under uncertain Time Delays - Summer 2016
  4. Marcin Brodecki (MSc, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TUDelft, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) - Formation Flight Control Systems Design Using Advanced Extremum Seeking Algorithms - Maximizing the Drag Reduction Obtained From Flying in Formation . July 2011 - July 2012
  5. Pulkit Goyal (BE (AE), Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India via Universities Space Research Administration) - Analysis of Estimation Using Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) and Batch Estimation using Astrometric and Photometric Measurements for Space Objects . March - June 2011
  6. Apoorv Mehta (BE (Avionics), Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India via Universities Space Research Administration) - Vision based Estimation using the Unscented Kalman Filter for Autonomous Rendezvous of Spacecraft . March - June 2011
  7. Erik de Vries (MSc, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TUDelft, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) - Cooperative Control of a Swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using potential functions and quadrotor models . October 2009 - September 2010

MS Completed

  1. Sachit Kaul (ME) - Region Based Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection and Recognition in ADAS application December 2017
  2. Denish Baman (ME) - Psuedo-Spectral Methods based Real-Time Optimal Path Planning for Unmanned Ground Vehicles December 2017 v
  3. V. N. V. Murali (ME) - Real-Time Minimum Jerk Optimal Trajectory Synthesis and Tracking for Ground Vehicle Applications December 2017
  4. Shashank Hariharapura (AE) - Autonomous Carrier Landing System for V/STOL Aircraft using L_1 Adaptive and Optimal Control. December 2015
  5. Ameya Godbole (ME) - Dynamics and Control of the Smart Maintenance and Inspection Robotic Free-Flyer (SMIRFF) . May 2015
  6. Pankaj Sarda (ME) - Control of a Teleoperating Robotic Arm Subject to Time Delays . December 2012
  7. Carlos Tule (AE) - Trajectory Generation and Constrained Control of Quadrotors . December 2012
  8. Alok Ashok Rege (AE) - CFD based Aerodynamic Modeling to Study Flight Dynamics of a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle . May 2012
  9. Ghassan Atmeh (AE) - Guidance and Control of Unmanned Airships for Waypoint Navigation in the Presence of Wind . May 2012
  10. Ifeolu Ogunleye (AE) - Online Reference Trajectory Modification in the Presence of Actuator Faults . December 2011
  11. Divya Bhatia (AE) - Constrained Dynamics Approach for Motion Synchronization and Consensus . December 2010
  12. Kartik Kiran Parikh (ME, jointly advised by Prof. Atilla Dogan) - CAE Tools for Modeling Inertia and Aerodynamic Properties of an R/C Airplane . Summer 2009
  13. Manju Nag (AE) - Trajectory Uncertainty Analysis for the Development of a Queuing Model for the National Airspace System . May 2010
  14. Borna Obradovic (AE) - Modeling and Simulation of the Flight Dynamics of Morphing Wing Aircraft . December 2009
  15. Brandon Shippey (AE) - Trajectory Optimization Using Collocation and Evolutionary Programming for Constrained Nonlinear Dynamical Systems , May 2008
  16. Abhijit Supekar (ME) - Design, Analysis and Development of a Morphable Wing Structure for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Performance Augmentation , May 2007
  17. Jonathan McDonald (AE) - Multi-Sensor Fusion based Control for Autonomous Operations: Rendezvous and Docking of Spacecraft , December 2006
  18. Praveen Muralidhar (EE) - Observer Synthesis for Linear/Nonlinear Dynamical Systems subject to Measurement Delays . December 2006
  19. Jolanta Matusewicz (AE) (Amelia Earhart Fellowship, 2008) - Uncertainty Characterization of Orbital Debris , August 2006
  20. Jeffery Ginn (AE) - Spacecraft Formation Flight: Analysis of the Perturbed Modified Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire Equations , August 2006
  21. Jennifer D. Goss (AE) - Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Hypersonic Inlet Performance subject to Magnetohydrodynamic Effects , May 2005.
  22. Rahul Rajvanshi (AE) - Optimal Strategies for Cooperative Air Traffic Conflict Detection and Resolution , December 2004.
  23. Sam James Welsh (AE) (Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship recipient, 2004) - Adaptive Synchronization and Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems , December 2004.

MS (Non-Thesis) Students

  1. Andrew Swift (AE) - GPS INS Fusion Techniques . December 2015
  2. Aaron CAin (AE) - Adaptive Kalman Filter . December 2014
  3. Tyler Rainey (AE) - Loss-Of-Control Prediction And Fault Tolerant Control – An Adaptive Control Framework . May 2014
  4. Lee Christiansen (AE) - Multi-mode Kalman Filter Target Tracking Algorithm . May 2011
  5. Elizabeth Copelin (AE) - Using Doppler Effect with Phantom Track Generation . December 2010
  6. Ken McKinney (AE) - Optimal Thrust Vectoring Strategies , Fall 2005.

Undergraduate Research

  1. Daniel Palmquist (2016-17) (AE)
  2. Tyler Wright (2016) (AE)
  3. Madhu Gautam (2015) (ME)
  4. Caleb Liebman (2014) (ME)
  5. Siddharth Kashyap (2013) (ME)
  6. Alex Graves (2012) (AE)
  7. Laura Henderson (2010) (AE)
  8. Ronak Patel (2010) (AE)
  9. Manuj Awasthi (2010) (AE)
  10. Sakurako Takahashi (2009) (AE)
  11. Hisashi Inoue (2006) (AE)
  12. Michael Byron Webb (2004) (AE)