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If you have the Authorware Web Player installed, the Worker Safety Advisor should be loading now.  You should see the "Made with MacroMedia" logo.  Please wait a minute or so depending on the speed of your connection.   WSA with Macromedia Web Play works for me with IE 6 and Netscape 6.1.  If you see an icon indicating that a plugin is required, click on the Get Authorware Web Player link below.  To get a downloadable demo of the WSA that does not require Shockwave, click below.  

Once the Crisis/opportunity page loads, click on the blue page to go to the WSA input screens on which you will specify the situation you face. The rest of the interaction should be self explanatory.  Remember to wait until the page is completely loaded before interacting with the WSA.  Some navigation buttons load right at the last minute.

The WSA is copyrighted software and many not be copied or distributed without written permission from its developers. To purchase the WSA to use on a standalone computer or on a network, see instructions in the manual (below).

Get free Authorware Web Player Get WSA Demo Child Protective Services Training Institute (CPSTI) Purchase information and WSA manual View WSA brochure

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