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Worker Safety Advisor

A Performance Support System developed through a contract between the Center for Child Welfare at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Protective Services Training Institute, Center for Social Work Research at The University of Texas at Austin. It was funded by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS), Child Protective Services Program

The WSA presents child welfare workers with several computer screens on which they specify the situation they face. The module then searches a database of worker safety information and presents relevant information in an easy to read format. The WSA is not training software, but a performance support or advisory system. It assumes that the user has had training in worker safety but would like information about a specific situation. To run the WSA over the Internet requires that you install Authorware Web Player for your browser (click below). To get a downloadable demo of the WSA that does not require a plugin, click below. The WSA is copyrighted software and many not be copied or distributed without written permission from its developers. To purchase the WSA to use on a standalone computer or on a network, see the manual (below).

If you have Authorware Web Player plugin installed, click RUN WSA NOW Otherwise, click on Get Authorware Player.

Get Authorware Player Get WSA Demo Protective Services Training Institute (PSTI) Purchase information and WSA manual View WSA brochure

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