Instructions for using the Keisha Failure to Thrive

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To install

Most computers with 17 inch monitors purchased in 2001+ should be able to run Keisha without changing any settings.  If you have an older computer, make sure the resolution of your computerís monitor to 800 X 600 (small fonts) at 32,000 colors or greater. For instructions, see your Windows manual or the manual that came with your computerís video card. With Windows 95, click on start, settings, control panel, the display icon, and then settings. While 800 X 600 at 32,000+ is best, higher resolutions are fine as long as small fonts are used. You can even use 256 colors, but the pictures and graphics will not be as nice. If the wording in some of the buttons and boxes is partly hidden or the buttons are a little out of place, the font size of your computerís setup is set probably set for large.

Put the CD in your CD-ROM player or place disk one in your floppy drive.  The instructions for the download version are at

Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, Install. Windows should find the CD-ROM or floppy disk or use Browse to find the CD-ROM or disk. Follow directions.

When asked for "select an option" during install, click on "Full - Install all files" option.

Hardware and software needed to run the simulation

Keisha will run on any computer that runs windows. The quality of the pictures and graphics in Keisha is dependent on the quality of the monitor and video card. Keisha was designed to be used with a video card set for 800 X 600 (small fonts) at 32,000 colors or more. Use this resolution or higher with small fonts for the correct positioning of items on the screen. Keisha requires:

Overview of the Simulation

Keisha is an interactive, multimedia, computer-based simulation developed for the Children's Protective Services Training Institute, Center for Social Work Research at The University of Texas at Austin. It was funded by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS), Child Protective Services Program. An accompanying computer based training (CBT) program on interviewing skills was developed by Dr. Patrick Leung, Ph.D., Associate Professor, at the U. of Houston School of Social Work and a cross-cultural competency program was developed by Dr. Santos Hernandez at Our Lady of the Lake School of Social Work in San Antonio, TX.

Keisha was designed to illustrate the potential of technology for child protective services training and to guide the Institute's future use of technology. Keisha required approximately 4000 hours of development time to research, design, program, test and evaluate. Keisha was used and evaluated during new worker training at the Dallas area CPS Training Academy in 1994.

Keisha consists of 4 sections of approximately 30-45 minutes each. The sections are:

      1. the referral 3. casework activity, and
      2. the home visit 4. forms and feedback

Objectives of the Keisha case simulation

    1. Analyzing an intake for priority, risk, and worker safety
    2. Viewing the outside and inside of a house for worker safety and health and safety hazards to the child
    3. Viewing a FTT child for risk indicators

Technical tips when using Keisha

Removing Keisha

To remove Keisha from your hard drive, minimize the Keisha Simulation group and while it is highlighted, hit the delete key. Then delete the c:\keisha subdirectory. Delete the c:\windows\asym subdirectory and the runtime and the filters and subdirectory. This should eliminate the files associated with Toolbox. Modification of the win.ini and system.ini files can eliminate any lines that Toolbox may install.


Make a list of any problems you have with Keisha and email them to or fax them to 817-272-2046. Be as specific as possible about the problem by giving a description of the screen (maybe some words for me to search for the proper page) and a detailed description of the problem. Provide an email address or a Fax number for replying.

Additional Information

Copyright and distribution

Keisha is copyrighted software. It is available free to anyone in the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS). It is available to other based on the following fee schedule.

    1. Sale of Keisha for unlimited use (no source code provided).
        1. $300 per computer/user site for the first 2 computers.
        2. $200 per computer/ user site for 3 to 5 computers.
        3. $100 per computer/ user site (or network node) use on 5+ computers (minimum of $1000).
    2. Unlimited use of Keisha for teaching by an institution of higher education, e.g., colleges and universities = $250.
    3. Sale of Keisha source code with license to modify the source code with unlimited use of the modified simulation = $1500. The modified versions may be used without restrictions at one site. Use at additional sites is stated in #1 above. However, sales or distribution of the modified version may not be offered to the public in a manner that competes with the sale of Keisha by UTA.
    4. Modifications of the Keisha simulation to fit your needs, e.g., removing Texas policy and substituting your state's policy, can be provided for $35 per hour.
    5. Mentoring of CBT development efforts by U. of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work staff (call with your proposals).
    6. Cooperative development of case simulations similar to Keisha (call with your proposals).

Other options may be available upon request.

Proceeds from the sale of Keisha will be used to further the U. of Texas at Arlington child protective services technology efforts, for example, to develop additional modules.


Dick Schoech, Ph.D., Technology Project Chairperson; Monica Williams, MSSW, Simulation Developer; Ann Wilder, Resource Base Developer; and Rosemary Satterwhite, MSSW, Subject Matter Expert. For additional information about Keisha, contact Dick Schoech at the U. of Texas at Arlington, School of Social Work, Box 19129, Arlington, TX 76019-0129 phone: 817/272-3964 FAX: 817/272-2046, Internet: The Keisha demo is available for downloading from

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