Keisha: A Failure-to Thrive Child Protective Services Computer Case Simulation

Demo Windows Ver. 1.1 of Keisha, Copyright 1993

This demo may be freely distributed, but the content is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated (other than to examine the demo) or quoted without written permission from the developers.  Contact D. Schoech, UTA SSW, Box 19129, Arlington Texas USA 76019-0129.  (817) 273-3964  

Instructions:  The Keisha demo is a 1,266KB file in zip format that you can download to your hard drive.  Make a keisha subdirectory on your hard drive and store the downloaded files in that subdirectory.  Unzip the file. (for a 30 day examination copy of an unzip program, see or  The unzip program must put Keisha in the c:\keisha\ subdirectory.  If it is not there, you must move it there with Windows Explorer.  Then click on Start, Run.  In the command line, type

c:\keisha\tbook  keisha

Then click on OK.  Keisha should load.  If you have problems, email 

The demo  requires 10-20 minutes depending on your involvement. The Keisha demo does not modify any files or create files outside the keisha subdirectory.  To remove Keisha, remove the keisha subdirectory from your hard drive.

     Click here to Download Keisha