Note:  The HUSITA6 Conference was disrupted by the bombing of the World Trade Center Towers.  Only about 50 people were able to attend.   Most had flights interrupted and some were stranded in distant cities for several days.  HUSITA6 proposals will automatically be accepted for the 2002 Technology Conference in Charleston SC. 

HUSITA (HUman Services Information Technology Applications)

HUSITA6 Conference

Westin Francis Marion Hotel

Charleston South Carolina, USA
12-16 September 2001

Theme:  Technology and Human Services in a Multi-Cultural Society



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Description of HUSITA and HUSITA6

The HUSITA (HUman Services Information Technology Applications) conference is a highly personal and interactive, face-to-face event to energize the community of HUSITA professionals and to celebrate its accomplishments.  We plan many activities and entertainment with the intention of networking attendees with colleagues.  For this conference, HUSITA will unite with The 5th Annual Technology Conference For Social Work Education and Practice, sponsored by the College of Social Work University of South Carolina.  HUSITA, is an international association of information technology (IT) innovators in human services dedicated to promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity. HUSITA's focus and expertise is situated at the intersection of three core domains: information technology; human services and  social development. With an emphasis on human centeredness and social justice, HUSITA strives to promote international knowledge development, dissemination and transfer of technology within human services. It achieves this through multidisciplinary leadership in international conferences, publications, collaboration and consultation directed particularly at IT applications and innovations that promote social betterment.  Click here to see what a HUSITA conference is like. Click here to see what a SC Tech Conference is like.  To join the HUSITA mailing list (listserv) click here.  

Call for participation

The theme of HUSITA6 is “Technology and human services in a multi-cultural society  We invite the following types of proposals.  Click here for the proposal submission form. For full consideration, submit before 15 July 2001.

  1. Informational presentations:  A 45 minute talk by one person or a panel to share knowledge or experiences on a specific topic.  The typical session is a paper presentation, such as a discussion of an application and its development, IT research findings, user’s perspectives on IT, theoretical perspectives, and IT issues such as globalization, the digital divide, and privacy. Popular sessions may be repeated and offered via the Internet through streaming video or chat.

  2. Workshops:  A three-hour ‘how to’ or ‘hands on’ training session that may use the computer labs to develop participants skills in a particular area, e.g., designing web based courses, setting up an agency web site, or using a neural network.  Sessions will involve presentations integrated with participant activities and exercises. Two labs will be available, each containing a projection system, 16-20 Pentium III, 500mhz+, computers with 64-128K RAM, 17" monitor, large hard disk, 32X CD ROM drive, floppy drive.  All computers will be NT networked, have access to the Internet, and have their own IP address (click here for picture)

  3. Panel:   A 1.45 hour discussion by several experts to explore aspects and issues of a controversial topic related to technology and the human services, e.g., digital divide, efficacy of online counseling.  The lead person of the panel is responsible for organizing the presenters, submitting the proposal, introducing the topic and panel members, insuring that members stick to the topic and timetable, etc.  Panels should involve the audience in their discussion by a structured question and answer period or other means. 

  4. Roundtable/demos:  Presenters provide informal discussion of a paper or a software/web demonstration to participants in an informal setting.  The purpose of the roundtable is to share techniques and information, connect people with each other on a particular topic, and informally network.  The presenter frames the topic, creates an interactive atmosphere, encourages participation, and guides discussion.  Discussion should be planned, but flow with the needs of the participants.  Handouts are welcomed.  A summary paper of the topic along with discussion questions is required one month before the conference for the proceedings. 

  5. Poster sessions:  Those offering a poster session will make themselves available to share their work and ideas to all attendees for 1.5 to 2 hours in an informal atmosphere.  Poster session presenters are provided a table are for distributing literature and setting up posters about their IT work.  Typical sessions involve distance education resources, application descriptions, issue development such as privacy, or new IT projects where formal products are not available.

  6. "Old timer" stories:  A general one-hour session will allow 6-9 seasoned IT professionals to tell 5-minute stories that illustrate how to "reinvent the wheel," rather than invent the flat tire.  Stories should involve historical perspectives, pictures, humor, and lessons learned or not learned.  The 5-minute time limit will be strictly enforced.  

HUSITA6 will provide a decision on acceptance within a month.  Accepted proposals may be posted on the web or distributed via the HUSITA mailing list.  Proposals submissions can occur up to three months before the conference depending on availability of space.  

For those without web access, mail the following information to Dick Schoech, HUSITA6 Chair, UTA SSW, Box 19129 211 S Cooper, Arlington TX 76019-0129 USA.  Include title page containing the a proposal title of up to 12 words, presenters with their institutional or agency affiliation, the email and postal address of all presenters, type of proposal (1-5 above), a 50 word abstract, 3-5 keywords, and hardware, software, and telecommunications needs.  Attach a proposal description of up to two pages that contains the topics covered, their importance and relevance, the intended audience, learning objectives, format, prerequisite knowledge required, type of technology/application discussed, and presenter experience and expertise on the topic.  Presenters should not be identified in the narrative which will be sent to proposal reviewers.  Proposals are reviewed for clarity, relevance, importance, utility and practical value, scope/focus (not too broad or narrow), appropriateness, and innovativeness.


The conference will be held at the Westin Francis Marion Hotel.  For information on the hotel, click here.  To register, click here.  HUSITA6 will be held in conference facilities that are attached to the hotel and owned by the U. of Charleston.  Make reservations early because HUSITA6 overlaps with homecoming weekend for a local school.  Charleston has beautiful old homes that provide bed and breakfast.  Click here for a list of local bed and breakfast sites


Click here for online registration.  At the bottom of each page on the registration site there is an action button of some type, e.g. "submit", ""check out" etc. You need to scroll down on the pages to get to these, but the payment page is entered through the previous page's "check out" button".   Registration fees are as follows:

Type Early Bird (before 10 Jun 01) Standard
Regular (in USD) $300 USD $375
Student (in USD) $150 $175
One day (Wed, Th, Fri, Sat) $95 $110
Student Volunteer $50 $50

Click here for a currency converter

To get details as they develop, subscribe to the HUSITA listserv mailing list.  We hope to survey participants on which sessions they plan to attend so that popular sessions can be repeated and/or broadcast via the virtual conference effort.  

Program at a glance (Wed - Sun, 2001)

For a detailed program in Excel format, click here.

  Wed 12 Sep Thurs 13th Fri 14th Sat 15 Sep Sun 16th


Registration Keynote & sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions & Debate& Closing 


Registration & workshops Sessions  Field trip Luncheon & Sessions  


Reception & Poster sessions   Gospel Singers    

Virtual participation 

HUSITA6 will be available to those not able to attend and to groups needing specialty content, e.g., child welfare professionals needing CEUs for a specialty workshop on risk assessment technology.  Persons not able to attend HUSITA6 in person can be involved in several possible ways:

  • Keynote and specialty topic presenters with popular topics may present  via a 30 minute chat session. 
  • The keynote may be videocast over the web 

Come back to this section or leave your name if you would like additional information.

Tourist information

Charleston is a historic southern city with ante-bellum era gardens, oceanfront mansions, and plantations.  The readers of Conde' Nast Traveler have named Charleston a "Top Ten" US destination for five consecutive years in Readers' Choice Polls.  We plan to schedule entertainment during the conference and provide the links below for those bringing their families or for those who can take the time to absorb some of the culture.  

Travel to Charleston

Travel arrangements for HUSITA6 may be made through Forest Lake Travel of Columbia, SC. The travel consultants who will assist with HUSITA6 arrangements is Garrett at extension 228. The office toll free number is 1-800-554-8758.

Garrett can provide a full range of travel services for Charleston and the surrounding region. For domestic air travel, Delta Airlines, the official airlines for HUSITA6, has offered a 10% discount off the lowest applicable fares if booked and ticketed at least 60 days prior to departure, and a 5% discount if booked and ticketed less than 60 days prior to departure. They also have zone fares for those attending who will be unable to stay over a Saturday night or do no want a nonrefundable fare. You must mention File Number 176045A when booking fares with Delta.

Advisory Committee

The HUSITA Board of Directors will serve as the HUSITA6 Advisory Committee and provide overall direction and proposal review.   Current members are: Jo Ann Coe, USA:  John Fung, Hong Kong; Hein de Graaf, The Netherlands;  Tom Hanna, USA;  Walter LaMendola, USA;  Rob MacFadden, Canada;  Jan Steyaert, Belgium;  Jackie Rafferty, UK;  Victor Savtschenko, Finland;  Dick Schoech, USA;  Stuart Toole, UK.  

Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

Corporate and other sponsors are being sought to (1) fund the virtual sessions for specialty audiences, e.g., child welfare, and (2) help support those unable to attend due to poverty, e.g., students and those from developing countries.  We are providing ample opportunity for vendors to exhibit and advertise their products.  Click here for additional details and forms in PDF format.  Or, email Duncan Whyte <> Director, Continuing Education, College of Social Work, University of South Carolina for additional information.  

Subsidized Participation

The HUSITA6 Advisory Board and the School of Social Work at South Carolina are making a significant effort to accommodate those who have a professional need to attend HUSITA6 but whose finances may limit their attendance.  This category of participants includes students and persons from countries where wages are low.  Subsidies may involve staying with social work families in Charleston and volunteering to work for a designated time at the conference.   To request assistance, contact Dick Schoech, HUSITA6 Chair.   Specify your situation and the nature of your needs.  See also Virtual Participation for possible ways to participate on a limited budget.

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