Human Services Technology by Dick Schoech, Published by Haworth Press

Chapter 6:  The Process of Developing IT Applications

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Section 1:  Basic concepts



Section 2: Application design and development process  Describes system failures and solutions based on litigation from 1976-2000,10801,102331,00.html?SKC=project-102331 Universal law of technology project failure


Section 3: Tools, techniques and skills



Section 4: Development issues


Additional Review and Discussion Questions

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Exercise 1.  Exploring existing system development practices

            Contact any organization that has an IT application.  Discuss with someone in the organization how the system development stages presented in Figure 6.1 were completed and what documentation exists on each stage.  Ask whether each stages was completed successfully and determine what accounted for the success or failure at each stage.  Record what approach was used in developing the system (top-down, bottom-up, or prototyping).  Record how they secured the necessary in-agency and out-of-agency expertise.  Consider whether you would do anything differently if you were asked to develop such a system.  Explain what and why.  Be prepared to report your findings to the class.

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