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Chapter 5: Human Service IT Applications

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Web Sites relevant to sections of this chapter

Policy Community Management Worker support Clinical Client
Site Relevance

Section 1:  Policymaking level ( also see Ch 13 ) Locate your representative

US Department of Health and Human Services

Library of Congress & THOMAS legislative information

E the people site for social action on an issue

UNICEF Kids Global Village Game. Role play a development worker in Burundi. Monitors welfare reform Standards for the Ethical Practice of Web Counseling

DSM IV diagnoses and codes Political action group which uses the Web very well

Continuing education for mental health professionals FAQ about prescription drugs


Section 2: Community level ( also see Ch 13 Tools for building or hosting an online community

Neighborhood knowledge Los Angeles

Seattle Community Network Report on strengthening Community-led Organizations with Effective Technology

COMM-ORG, Community practice information Organizing local interest groups Online community that connects people through networks of friends Virtual community to help teens prevent substance abuse

International Community Development Society

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, resources for community networking,

Social assets and vulnerabilities indicators Online resources for building communities Use the Internet for organizing HUD city/zip data & GIS mapping Database use in community organizing


Section 3: Agency management level ( also see Ch 13 ) Techsoup:  supporting agency and community IT efforts

Best practices toolkits Organizational assessment tools

The National Network of Grantmakers

Technology tips for nonprofit companies Virtual volunteering project Best practices research Fund raising information and software search


Section 4: Direct Service: support for managing practice ( also see Ch 13 ) Mental Health Net

Explore mental health delivery online

Many discussion forums for types of disorders Provides professional and consumer information Child abuse prevention network


Section 5:  Direct service level:  support for practice with clients (also see Ch 13 ) Resources for using the Internet to support practice
www.MAIW.COM/ Overcoming Depression International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO) Emotions manager American Association for Therapeutic Humor Help client focus thoughts and feelings for therapy.

Database for matching youth to out of home placements

Worker safety advisor Mental Health Mall Centers providing research and expertise on violence Explores online mental health services Principles of effective treatment (NIDA)


Section 6:  Client level Overview of Cyber Counseling by Ed Geraty

Connecting people with jobs

Connecting people with people

Helping teens staff off drugs Federal and state benefits screener for seniors Problem drinking assessment, advice, and resources Depression screening, advice, and resources Online treatment for alcohol and drugs Suicide prevention, advice, and resources Dual Diagnosis resources and advice Program to treat phobias online Domestic violence information and resources Mental Health Net client support groups E-Therapy from Here2Listen Consumer guide to online therapists

Shareware Psychology Consultation Mastering Stress PREVLINE, alcohol and drug prevention online

Online therapist (questionable example) Online therapist (a better example) Devoted to Raising Special Kids with Special Needs

Individual or group counseling Psychological self help book available online Federal Trade Commission's privacy online report, adoption Web site

Eliza, classic conversation with a computer Natural language questioning regarding AIDS/Epilspsy

CancerNet, provides the latest information and research from the National Cancer Institute

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database Information about medications The baby center, information about babies Pregnancy and child development information Harvard Bipolar Research Program Help on how to discipline kids

Additional Review and Discussion Questions

  1. none


1.  Locating human service applications on the Web

    Search the Web for two additional applications for each of the human service areas listed above.


2:  Ask all levels of personnel in an agency to respond to the following questions

  1. Does IT help you do your job better?

  2. Are the benefits you receive from most IT applications worth the time required to develop them and supply them with data?

  3. Do you consider your agency to be part of a global society?  Explain the rationale for your answer.

  4. Do people in your agency consider formalized processed information key to the quality of the decisions they make?

Additional Reading

Fink J. (1999).  How to use computers and cyberspace in the clinical practice of psychotherapy.  Jason Aronson, Inc

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