Human Services Technology by Dick Schoech, Published by Haworth Press

Chapter 4: Management Applications

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Section 1:  Historical Perspective



Section 2: Data processing applications



Section 3: Information systems Mental health Services information system example


Section 4: Knowledge-based Application Mindpixel web artificial intelligence (see how smart it is) Case based reasoning web site Information visualization examples Helpworks expert system


Section 5:  Decision Support Applications

/ CATCH, neural network for finding serial killers Downloadable trial version of DSS software


Section 6:  Performance Support Applications Web system to provide safety advice to workers

Additional Review and Discussion Questions

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Exercise 1: Exploring the systems that support agency decision making

Select an agency of your choice.  List all its manual based information systems and its IT based information systems.  Then, list the decision each system supports.  Put each IT-based support system into the classification presented in this chapter. 

Exercise 2: Running “demo” systems

Several systems described in this chapter can be run from the WWW or downloaded into one’s personal computer.  Run the demonstration expert system, the Keisha CAI, and the Worker Safety Advisor performance support system.   All are available from the software connection at

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