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Chapter 11: Networking, Telecommunications, and Internet Influences on IT Development

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Section 1:  Networking basics



Section 2: Types of networks



Section 3: Network activities

Diversity University, a text base, educational, virtual world (MUD)

The Cambridge University coffee pot presented using a videocam

Shareware Psychological Consultation where users pay for counseling only after trying it and finding it valuable

Washington University Archive with 72 billion bytes of information for downloading.

The WELL, one of the first online communities.

McAfee site dedicated to helping users recover from viruses



Section 4: Cyberspace Information on online culture


Section 5:  Implications of Networking of IT Development


Additional Review and Discussion Questions

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1.  Exploring Conferences

You can obtain a list of the thousands of LISTSERVs available on the Internet by sending an email with the command LIST GLOBAL to any LISTSERV server.  This sends you a list of all LISTSERVs.  Using the command list global will produce an email message with more than 30,000 entries in it.  A better strategy is to limit your search with keywords.  For example, to obtain a list of all social work LISTSERVs available on the Internet, send the command LIST GLOBAL/SOCIAL WORK to a LISTSERV command server. A complete list of LISTSERVs can be found at  For next class, bring in a list of listservs related to your profession.

2.  Examining Security And Privacy

            Type your name in some of the powerful search engines available on the Internet and find what information about you is public.  Bring printouts of what you find. 

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