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Chapter 10: Database Management Influences on IT Development

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Section 1:  Database management basics



Section 2: Managing data



Section 3: Data management software



Section 4: Designing a DBMS



Section 5:  Implications of data management for IT design and development

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Exercise 1: Applying DBMS concepts

Reunite the work groups formed in Chapter 6, Exercise 2.  Assume CCI contacted you to design a system for keeping track of clients' demographic data other than the initial information contained in the client log.

  1. Design the data dictionary for the system you would design for Community Counseling, Inc.

  2. Design reports that would use the data described in the data dictionary.

  3. Explain how these reports would be generated manually if there were no computer and DBMS software.  Be specific about the sources of the information and the people involved.

Use the data dictionary as a basis for establishing the minimum hardware requirements.

  1. Add all the characters (bytes) for the data listed.

  2. Estimate the number of active cases per month.

  3. Multiply these two numbers together and multiply the result by a safety factor of 3 to allow for backups and working copies.

This is an estimate of the monthly requirements of the agency.  Next, decide how long data should be retained (for example, six months or a year?).  Multiply the number of months by the monthly storage requirements.  This estimate is the size of the mass storage required for the database management portion of the system.  Before the next class, read reviews of database management software packages and selects the best DBMS software for CCI's client intake log.  Defend your choice.  Be specific about costs, ease of use, capacities required, etc.

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