Class Chat Room (this may change after first class)

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Adobe Connect (plug in headset before clicking this link) Link for students to join class using Adobe Connect Select Enter as a Guest & enter your name that will appear below your image

Windows Live Messenger for PC

 Text chat room we will use

Windows Live Messenger for Mac

At the bottom of the Mac screen there are icons. The icon for Microsoft messenger is two little people, one green, one blue. Click the icon to set Messenger up and connect.

to be decided

Link to Adobe Connect to be added


You can use your UTA email address to sign up for Messenger Live.  Once you have Windows messenger Live installed, send me the email address from which you install Windows messenger Live so I can make sure we can connect.  At 5 minutes before class, logon to Windows Messenger Live and I will invite you into the chat room.  If all else fails, click on the backup chat room below.

Backup Chat Room:  Due to potential problems with getting into one of these chat rooms, I have created a simple chat room.  Click here to join it at the very beginning of the first chat class or if we have problems connecting.

To keep Chat from opening when you turn on your computer

Windows Messenger:  When you have have Windows Messenger open, look at the top menubar click on Tools | Options | General and click to uncheck the "Automatically run windows live when I log on to windows" option

Webex  This heading is hidden text

SOCW 6355 will use the Webex video chat room, supported by UTA Department of Distance Ed.  Click on link below

To test out your use of Webex, go to