Self Monitoring of Progress in SOCW 6355

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Session 1:  How am I doing?

Take the following quiz after class:

    1. I have some ideas on possible projects for this class.
    2. My hardware is ready: computer, headset with microphone, webcam, etc.
    3. My software is ready, e.g., latest version of an office suite, etc. (Microsoft, open office) from UTA or downloaded.
    4. My telecommunications are ready:  internet access, email, IE8, Firefox, or Chrome are up to date
    5. I have ideas on what my personal WWW site will look like.
    6. I have cleared my schedule to allow me to spend 4-6 hours per week on this course.
    7. I have time management and stress reduction mechanisms in place, exercise, relaxation, social support networks, etc. for this semester
    8. I have virus scanning software installed (free from the UTA server, see course website) and backup procedures for my important computer files.
    9. I have my computer course and Internet files protected from other members of my family (if necessary)
    10. I feel overwhelmed
    1. You should keep a paper or word processing file with your ideas. Whenever you get a new one, jot it down and then file or word process it.
    2. You should insure that your computer hard disk has adequate free space (100mb), your headset with microphone is working, you will have a webcam when needed, etc. 
    3. The Microsoft office suite is available at a great price from the Maverick Computer store in the University Center (student activities bldg). OpenOffice is available free as a download.
    4. You should insure that you have good connectivity to the Internet and the latest version of Internet Explorer or another browser.
    5. You should be looking at personal WWW sites and finding ones that you like and saving the bookmarks so you can examine them more closely.
    6. Other things significant in your life (partners, kids, fun) must be re-arranged to acquire the time to take any graduate course. Don't think this will happen automatically or you can just work harder or faster. Make sure you discussed this additional time burden with your significant others (spouse, kids). 
    7. If you do not have ways to relax, exercise and reduce stress, the additional time of a class can cause problems to creep into your life.  Make sure you have set aside a block of quiet time to prepare for class and work on assignments.
    8. Hard disks do crash. You should not have to spend more than a day to completely recover essential files from a hard disk crash once a new disk is put in.  Practice safe computing and so others do not catch a virus from your files. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The UTA web site has free virus scanning software.
    9. If you have kids, you should have ways to restrict their Internet access or to know what they are doing on the Net when you are not around.
    10. You have a right to feel overwhelmed. You are thinking about several months activities for a course and many hours of work. Much of the information is unfamiliar. Read the section on individual change in chapter 6. Acknowledge the feeling, but do not let it cause you problems.
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Session 2:  How am I doing?  (You may want to develop a list)