Sample Contribution Form

Where groups work on a technology application, a contribution form is required. 

Below is a sample contribution form which is submitted when a group grade is desired.  The contribution form will be attached to the end of all group papers. A contribution form is not required if group members indicate on the paper that individual grades are desired and if the contribution of each group member is clearly identified. 

Where individual grades are desired by the group yet individual contributions cannot be easily identified, an individual contribution form is submitted by each member.  The individual contribution form uses the same format, but lists only the individual contribution and is signed only by the person submitting the form. The individual contribution form is submitted in confidence and will not be shared with other group members. 



Approximate time spent


Examining other SSW home pages

5 hours

Betty Smith

Interviewing potential users

6 hours

Gene Ho

Analyzing and discussion needs

8 hours total (4 each)

Betty Smith & Gene Ho

Writing of rough draft

5 hours

Betty Smith

Editing of rough draft

4 hours

Gene Ho