Frequently Asked Questions about SOCW 6355: Advanced Use of Information Technology in Human Services

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About the Course

Q.  What has been the experience of others taking similar online courses?

Look at the evaluation of the course from others. 

Writing Papers

Q.  How do I get web site screens into my papers.

There are several ways. You might be able to highlight the section of the screen you want and right click and copy, then go to your document and right click and paste.   Shortcuts are Ctrl C for copy and Ctrl V for paste.  Another possibility is to hit the Shift and then the PrintScrn keys to save the screen to the clipboard.   Then paste the clipboard into your document.   Another way is to click File | Save while in your browser and then save the web page as an .htm file.  Next, import the htm file into your word processor using the Insert, File option.   Note Web sites are copyrighted like other materials, so be sure to observe copyright laws.

Q.  I put a picture in my paper/web page, and it seems way too big.  What can I do?

Pictures and graphics can be used to liven you your papers and your homepage.   If you do not have a digital camera, pictures can be scanned into digital format or you can have your film developed and put onto disk.  The media lab in the basement of the UTA library can help.  You can scan pictures at different sizes, resolutions, and formats.  Normally, scan the picture to the size that it will appear on the users screen.  The .jpg format works well on the Web.  Try to keep pictures small, under 50 or 100K to avoid long download times. 

To resize pictures if you have office 2003 with Picture Manager, go to Start | Programs | Office | Office tools | picture manager | & double click to open picture manager.  Open a picture, then look under the Picture tab for the resize option.  Put you resize specifications in on the right.  You can also crop your picture easily with Picture Manager.

Q.  Pictures in my paper/web page seem to jump around unexpectedly.  What can I do?.

If your Word paper or homepage contains lots of  pictures, you can use a table to help control their placement on the page.  The table feature of FrontPage is very similar to the table feature of Word.


Q.  I found some great pictures on a web site.  How do I put them in my web site? 

Alll web content is copyrighted automatically unless it states that it is not copyrighted and can be freely copied.  So, do not find a picture or graphic you like and then copy it to your web site, since you will be violating copyright laws.  You must obtain permission first.  For a good source of copyright free graphics, use the insert graphics function in PowerPoint.