Agenda for Session 9 (updated 27Mar11)

Session 9: Networking and telecommunications influences

Online: Internet, Intranet, Web tools, developing Web applications

Text: Ch 11 (Networking & Telecommunication Influences)

Reading:  Review "From data to intelligence" from session 4

Web:  Review this child welfare interoperability effort using XML

Assignments: Homepages due, Debate 2


Networks and Telecommunications

Multiagency networking

The Social Web

Nature of Cyberspace Culture and the Social Web

Implication of Networking for projects

Session 10: Managing, supporting, and evaluating IT

Online:  System monitoring and evaluation, maintenance and support. 

Text:  Ch 12 (Managing, supporting and evaluating IT).

Podcast: KERA (THINK website) The Secret to Getting Things Right [2010-01-13 podcast] Atul Gawande, author of "The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right" (Metropolitan Books, 2010)  (23mb file so it takes time to download)