AGENDA: Session 6: Determining human service information needs and capacities

From the Syllabus:

Session 6: Determining human service information needs and capacities

Exploring how human service professionals view and use information and technology.

Text: Ch 8 (Human service information needs)

Assignments: Suggest that application review #4 submitted. 

Miscellaneous information

Review Internal and External Organizational influences on information needs (be able to discuss these influences on your project)

Discuss decision making at various levels of the organization/person who is subject of their project

Discuss how various influences on information needs will influence system design and development

If time, address Review and Discussion Questions from Chap 8

  1. Would several professional practitioners who used different methodologies (cognitive or behavioral) be consistent in the information they need to work with the same client? Should they be consistent?
  2. In direct service with clients, does a best decision typically exist, or are many decisions equally good in most cases?
  3. Why are novices often better than experts at explaining what they do?
  4. How would you define intuition? What role does processed information play in intuition? What role does intuition play in practitioner and top management decision making?
  5. What added complexities for IT exist when a decision is made by a group rather than by an individual (for example, in a case conference)? What IT tools exist to support group decision making?

Next week:   Session 7: Hardware and software influences

The relationship of hardware and software to system design. 

Text: Ch 9 (Hardware and Software influences)