SOCW 6355:  Agenda: Session 5 -- Applying theory

Session 5: Applying theory

Online: Discuss systems and decision making theories and their impact on system design.

Text: Ch. 7 (Systems and Decision Making Theories)

Reading:  Peng B. W. & Schoech D. (2008).  Grounding online prevention interventions in theory: Guidelines from a review of selected theories and research.  Journal of Technology in Human Services, 26/2-4, 376-396.

Review from 6371:  Theory at a glance,

Assignments: Suggest that application review #3 submitted.     One paragraph preliminary project description submitted before class via web form (this link is working as the old web site is used)

Miscellaneous information

Why is theory important

Systems Theory  (for a quick review, see


Decision Making Theory

Networks Vs Industrial Thinking

Behavior Change theories

    Theory at a glance (TPB, Stage Theory, Mobile Persuasion theory, CBT, Diffusion of innovation theory)

    Also, see the Peng & Schoech reading above.


Implications of Theory


Application of theory to projects  


Artificial Intelligence (Interviews)

A look at Artificial Intelligence with Brian Christian, of 'The Atlantic' & Richard Waters of 'Financial Times'    Charlie Rose, 24Feb11, IBM's Watson program. 13 minutes



25Feb10, Session 6: Determining human service information needs and capacities

 Online: Exploring how human service professionals view and use information and technology.

Text: Ch 8 (Human service information needs)

Assignments: Suggest that application review #4 submitted.