SOCW 6355: Advanced Use of  IT in Human Services

Week Four Agenda: IT application development process

Session 4:  From the syllabus

Online: The change process, information as a resource, system development process, successful technology transfer. Decide debate topics, schedule, and teams.

Text: Ch. 6 (Developing IT applications)

Reading:  Schoech, D., Interoperability and the future of Human Services (document provided)

Assignments:  Suggest that application review #2 be submitted. 

Course mechanics

Discussion of Ch 6. Development process (see PowerPoint)

Discussion of Reading (see powerpoint)

If time, view interview with Twitter CEO.  Discuss how twitter and other social networking tools were used in the Egypt 18 day revolution.

Next Week:  24Feb11, Session 5: Applying theory

Online: Discuss systems and decision making theories and their impact on system design.

Text: Ch. 7 (Systems and Decision Making Theories)

Reading:  Peng B. W. & Schoech D. (2008).  Grounding online prevention interventions in theory: Guidelines from a review of selected theories and research.  Journal of Technology in Human Services, 26/2-4, 376-396.

Review from 6371:  Theory at a glance,

Assignments: Suggest that application review #3 be submitted.     One paragraph preliminary project description submitted before class via web form

URLs used in Class today

Change process:

Reaction to change
Ways to handle stress
Horizon 2011 trends report
augmented reality example
organizational analytics example