SOCW 6355: Advanced Use of  IT in Human Services

Week Two Agenda

IT Fundamentals

From the Syllabus

27Jan11, Session 2: Information technology fundamentals

Classroom meeting:  Basic concepts of technology, information, hardware, software, networking, results of learner's needs assignment, discuss personal Web sites, learner's needs assessment using responses to the form provided,

Text: Ch. 1, (Scenarios-skim) Ch. 2 (Basic concepts/historical perspective), & Ch 9 (hardware and software) skim for basic concepts.

Reading:  O'Looney, J. (2005). Social work and the new semantic information revolution.  Administration in Social Work, 29(4). 5-34.  (available via UTA e-journals, see homepage link)

Schoech, D.  (2011). Community Practice in the Digital Age. In Weil, M.  Handbook of Community Practice. Sage (Draft to be distributed.)

Assignments: All students will: (1) review the class Web site (, (2) do the tasks that need to be done before the first webcam session


Miscellaneous Information

  1. Problems receiving listserv, downloading text, accessing blog? 

  2. Connecting to Adobe Connect

    1. Make sure your webcam and headset (if using a laptop) are connected

    2. Go to the course homepage and click on Adobe Connect (top row)

    3. Sign in as guest with your real name

    4. Type in a chat message requesting the instructor give you permission to talk and show your webcam

    5. Click on Meetings > Manage my settings > Select Camera.  Then click on the webcam and microphone icons to make sure the proper ones are selected.

    6. Click on the movie camera icon on the bottom left of the Camera and Voice pod

    7. Click on the lock next to the talk button at the bottom left to turn your mic on.  Look for the speaker next to your name and look for the green bars below the Talk button (bottom left). 

    8. Click on the Talk button to turn off your mic

  3. Questions on course or homepage assignment

Discussion of Readings  (trends & uses)

PowerPoint on Basics 

Video on IT:  Key to organizational survival (23min, 2009), Leo Apotheker, CEO, SAP & Andrew Mcafee, Harvard Business School

Get preliminary ideas on Student Projects

Charlie Rose interview: founder Twitter -- Discussion on relevance to human services

Next week (from the syllabus)

3Feb11, Session 3: Current uses of technology

Online:  Internet tour of current uses of technology for policy, community practice, management, group practice, direct practice, and self help.   From the text, identify 2 applications that you think will be useful in your future practice. Discussion on how social workers currently use technology.  Reviewnetiquette (net etiquette).

Text: Ch. 3 (Generic Applications), Ch 4 (Management Applications), Ch 5 (human services Applications)

Reading:  Schoech, D., Basham, R., and Fluke, J. (2006).  A Technology Enhanced EBP Model.  Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 3(3/4), 55-72.

Assignment:   Suggest that application review #1 submitted.  Look at The Software Connection for possible applications to review.