Agenda for 6355, Session 12, Issues and the future

From the Syllabus

Session 12: Issues and the future

Issues, ethics, etc.Reading: Finn, Jerry and Barak, Azy(2010) 'A descriptive study of e-counsellor attitudes, ethics, and practice', Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 10: 4, 268 277
NASW/ASWB Technology Standards
: Ch 13
CAS Contests BiotechUnion by Chip Henry and Virtual therapy: An interview a noted technotherapist by Kris.



Discuss Technology Trends

Conversation with Ray Kurzweil, Technology Futurist


Discuss Biotech Union and Technotherapist readings  (links above)


Discuss Future applications in Ch 13

Issues for discussion

Outsourcing of social work jobs  Problems with outsourcing.


Next week:  From the Syllabus. 

Session 13: Open

        Part A paper due by midnight of class day