SOCW 6355: Advanced Use of  IT in Human Services

Week One Agenda:  IT Fundamentals

From the Syllabus

Session 1: Course introduction and overview  (UTA SSW Classroom B107)

Topics:  Classroom meeting.  Student introductions, course overview, mechanics overview, Course website overview, how to practice safe computing.

Student introductions and student goals and reason for taking course

Introducing the Book -- video illustrating change

Overview of Course

  1. Review of online syllabus

  2. Access to online text

  3. Make sure you have necessary software, e.g., Office 10, virus protection installed

  4. Connecting to Webcam classroom for next week -- test out so can get tech support if necessary.

  5. Questions on homepage assignment or google sites

  6. Comment on Blog, PowerPoints, agenda, etc. 

Discussion of Readings and text (get via calling cards

Test of your Phishing and Spam IQ 

Charlie Rose interview: Social Networking & founder Facebook & Twitter -- Discussion on relevance to human services

Connecting webcams to Adobe -- test of systems

Session 2: Information technology fundamentals

27Jan11, Session 2: Information technology fundamentals

Classroom meeting:  Basic concepts of technology, information, hardware, software, networking, results of learner's needs assignment, discuss personal Web sites, learner's needs assessment using responses to the form provided,

Text: Ch. 1, (Scenarios--skim) Ch. 2 (Basic concepts/historical perspective), & skim Ch 9 (hardware and software) for basic concepts.

Reading:  O'Looney, J. (2005). Social work and the new semantic information revolution.  Administration in Social Work, 29(4). 5-34.

Schoech, D.  (2011). Community Practice in the Digital Age. In Weil, M.  Handbook of Community Practice. Sage (Draft to be distributed.)

Assignments: All students will: (1) review the class Web site (, (2) do the tasks that need to be done before the first webcam session