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"We will have paperless bathroom before we have paperless human service agencies"  Anonymous

Weekly Sessions -- Spring 2011; Thurs, 2-4:50pm Social Work Complex, Rm. SWC A114 or in Adobe Connect

Sessions Topic (Agenda updated by Fri) Assignments Other Comments
1: 20Jan

Course introduction and overview (meet in UTA classroom)

Perform tasks to become ready for first Webcam class

Class listserv (not active)


Antivirus software--UTA
2: 27Jan

IT fundamentals   (meet in UTA classroom or webcam in)

ppt for class 2 (S11)

Form to assess learner capacities/needs

3: 3Feb  Ice/snow day  UTA closed-no class  Everything is one session later here than on the syllabus
4: 10Feb

Current uses of technology -- meet in webcam unless class votes otherwise. 

ppt for class 3 (S11)

Application review form   

Guest: Jayne Craven guest speaker, 3pm. See links in Jayne's email.  Link to Jayne's site on online volunteering
5: 17Feb

IT application development process

ppt for class 4 (S11)

Submit 3 debate topics & pro/con choices

6: 24Feb

Applying theory

ppt for class 5 (S11)

Preliminary project form due--see assignment on syllabus

Guest: Sharon Bruce, etherapist, 4:15

Links to project descriptions

7: 3Mar

Determining information needs

Review ppt for class 4, slides 6-8

Part A paper development form  Part A grading checklist 

8: 10Mar

Hardware & software influences



14-18 Mar

 Spring break



Mid-Semester feedback form
9: 24Mar

Info storage/retrieval influences

Debate 1

All application reviews due  
10: 31Mar

Networking & Telecommunications influences


Websites due

2:30-3pm Guest:  Jackie Raferty, ICT in the UK
11: 7Apr

Managing, supporting, evaluating IT

Form to evaluate website  Debate 2

links to webpages

2:30-3pm Guest:  Jacob Hileman, Technology Director, RAINN
12: 14Apr

Issues and the future

Websites grades due

Interview, Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning

Papers from previous classes
13: 21Apr

Debate topics 7,8,10,11, 12


Analysis paper due at midnight Presentation details

Guest=Mitch Hill
14: 28Apr

Present projects for  feedback using Connect

Have ppt ready, see syllabus, Assignment #6

Presentation details

15: 5May

Course Wrap up

Solution paper due 9May11 midnight