5 Reasons Why You Should Care

  1. We have a problem.  A community assessment indicated that teen pregnancy is on the rise in most areas of Texas and especially in Hostile Texas.  
  2. They are wasting our money.  Your tax dollars are going to current services and programs that typically "treat" the problem, but not preventing it.  We are putting band aids on a dying patient.
  3. We are putting a band aids on the wrong places.  Our assessment found that while 90% of teenage girls who became mothers thought that the father would marry them and get a job to support the newly created family, this only occurred in 5% of the cases.  Only 25% of teenage boys who became fathers thought initially that they would get married and get a job, and only 5% actually did.  Thus, we felt that teens had distorted perceptions of reality.  Girls perceptions are sometimes addressed. Boys perceptions are not dealt with by anyone. 
  4. We cannot rely on the professionals. Surveys show that most professionals in Hostile TX have training to treat the female teen parent.  None have  training in treating the male teen parent,
  5. You can make a difference.  Everyday experiences and research demonstrate that ordinary citizens who unite together can make a difference (Kahn, 1982).