Explanation of Process, Activities, etc.

This page will provide an explanation of the intervention strategy and tie it to the readings.

Intervention Planning

Mobilize around an issue

    Few programs to address teen pregnancy have used a social action approach.  The first step is to change the need into an issue  (http://www.mindspring.com/~midwestacademy/page5.html)   The "Why you should care" section tries to accomplish this task.  

    Several strategies are designed to mobilize people around our issue.  

Assessing strengths and weaknesses

Designing the intervention

    Short term goals concern attitude change and changes to institutions which come in contact with teenage parents. 


    Several major actions have been planned.  All seek to generate publicity and build membership in the organization.  The first, the football homecoming float of teenage girls (past and present) who became pregnant by football players is a publicity stunt.  It can also assure a quick victory and attention and help recruit new members to the cause.   The others will remind fathers who are not taking responsibility what society expects from them.  We hope to identify some wealthy members of the community who have not take complete responsibility for their sons and daughters.  These events are intended to keep the issue on the "front burner" in the community by targeting high profile members of the community.  

    A second implementation strategy is the sign up sheet where people can volunteer their comments and suggestions.  Those who submit comments will be requested to become members.

    A third strategy is to solicit funds and any other resource over the Web.  

Monitoring and Evaluation

    Each campaign can be monitored by the publicity it receives.  Eventually, the effort is evaluated by whether the organization survives or goes out of existence.