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 If you doubt the power of even the smallest action, try sleeping in a closed room with one mosquito.     --from African proverb.

Syllabus:  Standard  Spr05-Dr. Schoech

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20Jan05 Introductions & overview New ppts to be posted by noon Wed.   Suggest print, handouts, 3 per page, grayscale

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27Jan05 Historical development PPT for Class 2 (Spring 2005)

UTA library link to e-journals for reading on the syllabus

3Feb05 Change, roles, levels of practice PPT for Class 3 (Spring 2005) Community Practice discussion list COMM-ORG
10Feb05 Theories, values, and perspectives PPT for Class 4 (Spring 2005)  
17Feb05 The community as client PPT for Class 5  (Spring 2005)  
24Feb05 Identifying social conditions PPT for Class 6 (Spring 2005)  
3Mar05 Assessing social conditions PPT for Class 7 (Spring 2005)  
10Mar05 Intervening in social conditions PPT for Class 8 (Spring 2005)  
17Mar05 Spring Break    
24Mar05 The organization as client PPT for Class 9 (Spring 2005)  
31Mar05 Administrative practice overview PPT for Class 10 (from last year)  Use Chat room for class
7Apr05 Assessing organizations PPT for Class 11 (Spring 2005)  


Supervising PPT for Class 12 (Spring 2005)  Guest Speaker, Katie Dickinson, Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas,  6pm  Look at Services for Mature Adults, then choose two or three within it.  Also look at the Resource Links.
21Apr05 Leading PPT for Class 13 (Spring 2005)  
28Apr05 Societal and political practice   Use Chat room for class
5May05 Integration and synthesis, issues, ethics    

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