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I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand (Confucius)


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General Information for the course



Onliine videos relevant for the course link

Library's links to e-journals for readings on the syllabus

NASW Code of Ethics

TX Ethics code & standards$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=22&pt=34&ch=781&sch=D&rl=Y

ACOSA:  Assn. for community organization/social administration

COMM-ORG online conference on organizing & dev.

National Network for Social Work Managers

Administrative resources for nonprofits with user ratings

 Best of the Web -- Social Work

Nonprofit online news

Information for Practice (from Gary Holden)

SWAN (Social Work Access Network)

NASW Online

Social work jokes

Thomas, US legislative information

Your first stop in finding US Govt information

US Dept of Health and Human Services

Roberts Rules of Order

Texas resources

Google search engine

List of mailing lists (listservs) on the Internet   and

Tutorial on searching the web (especially see table)

Writing support tools

Community and group decision making tools

APA recommended electronic reference formats

What to do if you are harassed online

Public speaking tips

Online presentation & training tips

Virtual Presentation Assistant online tutorial

Speaking tips from ToastMasters

2.  Historical development of macro practice

Description URL
Neighborhood organizing:  The importance of historical context by R. Fisher

3.  Generalist macro practice

Description URL
Community Tool Box model of community change
Basic Guide to Management and Supervision

4. Macro generalist practice theories, values, and perspectives

Description URL
Evidence Based Practice concepts

Evidence Based Practice concepts applied to CPS
Transtheoretical model of behavior change in organizations
Integrative (or Win-Win) Reframing
Participation perspective
Best practices in customer-driven strategic planning
Working with Communities of Color (case study)
Evidence based look at institutional care
Discussion of systems theory
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice
Putnam, Social Capital
John McKnight, 1987, Regenerating Community
Who inhabits the world and uses world resources
The strengths of poor families
Human rights tools and resources
The UTA fight song when you need a motivational booster

5.  The community as client

Description URL
Reweaving the Fabric by Ernesto Cortes, Jr.
Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Initiatives
Ontario healthy communities coalition

Healthy People in Healthy Communities A Community Planning Guide Using Healthy People 2010
Seattle community network
Chicago's Hyde Park/Kenwood Community
Neighborhood Knowledge LA

6.  Identifying social conditions as problems/opportunities

Description URL
Kretzmann & McKinght, Intro to "Building communities from the inside out

The social well being of Vermonters
Urban Quality Indicators newsletter
DHHS report on community human service indicators
Measuring Community Capacity (Aspen Institute)
Communication for Social Change: An Integrated Model for
Measuring the Process and Its Outcomes
Indicators to Help with Capacity Building in Health Promotion
Find outcome measures at Outcome Measurement Resource Network

7.  Assessing social conditions

Description URL
Introduction to community assessment
Arlington's neighborhood initiative -- focus group format
Langley Park MD neighborhood needs assessment
Look at Westside Community Health Assessment (bottom)
Community building comes of age
Outcome Measurement Resource Network
Analysis of the Child Care And Family Self-Sufficiency Performance Measures, ACYF (large scale performance analysis)
Organizational assessment surveys
Building strengths based collaborative solutions

8.  Intervening:  action, development, and planning approaches

Description URL
Article on Saul Alinsky
References on how to build and sustain communities
Building Movement:  Web site on activism
ACORN (Assn Community Orgs for Reform Now)
Neighborhood planning website
10 year plan to end homelessness
Center for Community Change
Grace Hill Neighborhood Services
Meetup: Online tool to link people with common interests
MoveOn:  Makes excellent use of online strategies & tools
Family Support Network (community development approach)
National Training and Information Center
Creating collaborative solutions from Tom Wolff and Assoc.
Summary evaluation of 5 community building initiatives
Center for Community Change
Community building coming of age (read preface, etc)
Neighborhoods online
Community Development Society
Community development links
Case studies/best practices
Case studies on sustainable communities
Time Dollars Institute
Experiment in connecting 28 city neighborhoods online
Electronic activist
The virtual activist training course
Oxfam guide to social activism
Midwest Academy (see curriculum on organizing)
How to use the Internet for organizing
Stories of innovative grass roots efforts
Role of lobbying as a strategy
Managing and Resolving Conflict
Manuals on various approaches
Online Community Toolkit (coalitions)
Center for Community Change
Principles and Practices of Collaboration
Casey Foundation rebuilding communities initiatives
Time Dollars:  Community volunteer bartering system
Checklist to evaluate a collaborative effort
Wraparound services to insure a total community approach

Well-Designed Strategic Nonviolent Actions
Web site on nonprofit advocacy
Analysis of Texas's use of Faith Based Social Services

9.  The organization as client

Description URL
Information on Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
Helps plan, implement, evaluating substance abuse prevention programs

10.  Administrative practice overview

Description URL
Study of nonprofit managers, tasks, satisfaction, etc.
Reinventing government literature
Paper on evaluating collaborative efforts
Tools to help nonprofits make effective use of IT
Basic guide to non-profit financial management
Nonprofit good practice guide
Effective capacity building in non-profit organizations
Charity navigator, independent evaluations of charities
Information on programs/finances of 650000+ nonprofits

11. Assessing organizations

Description URL
Ideas for outcomes, goals, etc. (uses different wording than class)
SAMHSA Consumer-oriented mental health report card
Resource Center for developing a human service agency
Charity Navigator's guide to nonprofits and giving
Nonprofit management resources
Mental health reports
Report stressing mental health consumer-oriented outcomes
Document and instruments for evaluating your program
Shelterforce issue on evaluating community practice

12.  Supervising

Description URL
EEOC: US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
10 stupid things managers do to screw up performance appraisal
Four stages of burnout
Symptoms of burnout
Employment discrimination laws (ADA, EEOC,  etc)
Managing stress from

13. Leading

Description URL
Courses on fundraising for nonprofits
Chronicle of Philanthropy fundraising resources
Fund raising lesson on individual giving

14. Societal and political practice

Description URL
Ruckus Society (working with the media)
E-The People, America's Interactive Town Hall
Grassroots lobbying manual
Who inhabits the world and uses world resources
Find out how rich you are compared to others

15.  Integration and synthesis, issues, ethics, and course review

Description URL
NASW Code of Ethics
Fictitious futures in human services

Assessment Examples

Description URL
Community assessment for many issues.  The demographic profile is similar to your  community description.  Health issues is similar to your condition/social problem assessment.
Dallas Co. United Way Needs Assessment (traditional and does not include a capacities assessment).
A Tarrant Co. survey that assessed community need and capacities.   Methods used were a community survey, client focus groups, and interviews with community leaders.
Latina domestic violence, best practices project
Arlington 2025 Visioning Report (put 2025 visioning report in the search box)
Dallas Homeless Consortium

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