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Arlin Mental Health Task Force

Our Task Force

Needs & Capacities


Vision & Guiding Principles

Goals & Objectives


Strategies & Recommendations


Justification and Explanation

Task Force Members

The Mayor and City Council in March 2000 commissioned the Arlin Mental Health Task Force to help them decide how to move from funding individual services to funding a comprehensive system of service that results in more mentally healthy citizens in Arlin. 

Task Force Members

Hard Atwork Ph.D.

Arlin Branch, Family Services

Firan Brimstone, BVD

Arlin Ministerial Alliance

Makka Buck MS

Director, Arlin Chamber of Commerce

Ed U. Cator Ed.D.

Arlin Independent School District

Will B. Boring, Ph.D.

Professor, UTA Graduate School of Social Work

Ian Sight MPA

Planning Consultant, Arlin Human Service Planners

Gyve U. Pills Ph.D.

Arlin Office, Tarrant MHMR

I. Rate

Mental Health Advocacy Inc.

Nicen Tuff Ph.D.

Family Division, Arlin Police Department

Multe Kultural

Arlin Cultural Coalition

Dume N. Gloom Ph.D.

Arlin Private Practitioners Association

          Staff = Dick Schoech, Planner, City of Arlin

          This plan provides only a blue print for several new components and reorientations to the existing service delivery system.  Future plans will build on the base established in this plan.  Implementation is the now urgent.  Implementation is the most difficult stage of developing a community where residents help themselves and others and use social services when necessary to develop their maximum potential emotionally, intellectually, and socially.  Mayor Promptu, the Task Force, and a concerned group of citizens have led the way.  We must all become involved to implement this plan and continue to work for the mental health of all Arlin residents.