Who We Are

    We are a group of approximately 500 concerned parents in Hostile Texas who expect equal treatment for teenage parents.  Our efforts began in 1999 when we researched the issue of teenage pregnancy.  What we found was that teenage mothers were put into special programs to teach them how to become parents and productive members of society.  Essentially, they were taught how they and their family could survive a life in poverty.  Teenage fathers were ignored and left alone.   We believe that society will only begin to reduce teenage pregnancies when teenage fathers and mothers are treated equally.  We intend to change attitudes and services to remedy this inequality and prevent unwanted teenage parenthood. 

Our leaders

Name Job Title Position in CETTUP
Betta BeWare Independent Journalist President
Been Therr Homemaker Vice President
Berry Angry, CPA.  Accountant, Price Wateringhouse Treasurer
Hadda Enuff, PhD Director, Children's Advocacy, Inc Secretary
Kant Hide Private Investigator Board member
Blaba Mouth Deputy Sheriff Board member
Gottch Ya TX Child Support Enforcement, Division Board member