Community Practice Briefly Summarized

  1. It takes a village to raise a child
  2. It the child has problems, then there is something wrong in the village that needs to be fixed
  3. Community practice is a process of increasing a village's potential to raise healthy citizens.  The process has 9 steps
    1. Listen to stakeholders concerns
    2. Form a powerful change coalition of stakeholders, leaders, and supporters to guide the change effort
    3. Set a joint vision of the future, once the concerns have been addressed
    4. Assess strengths/capacities/opportunities, needs/problems, and available resources
    5. Determine solution options and evidence supporting them
    6. For the selected options, design and communicate an intervention plan of goals and objectives
    7. Empower all using short-term wins to help implement in order to reach the vision
    8. Monitor implementation using continuous quality improvement techniques and evaluate the outcomes and impact
    9. Terminate and follow-up to insure change continues