Week 13 Agenda (Societal and political practice)

24-25.  17Nov08-20Nov08 Societal and political practice

Topics:  links between macro practice and social policy practice, macro social work at the international level, and legislative practice and the UTA internship program.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 13.

Course Pack:  Process for ranking needs, objectives, etc.

Questions on final paper


Readings & Discussion

Next week, 24Nov:  Guest Speaker, Joanne Tenery, Parkland

From the syllabus

27-28.  1Dec08-3Dec08 Integration and synthesis, issues, ethics, course review

Topics:  Issues & ethics of practice, developing an individual framework, course review & evaluation.

Text: Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 12.

Course Pack:  Thoughts on developing personal CAP framework