Agenda Week 8:  The organization as client

13Oct08-15Oct08 The organization as client

Topics:  Introduction to organization theory and the organizational structure of the social services system, including service delivery, standard-setting, advocacy, coalitions, and funding organizations, and their vertical and horizontal relationships.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 4.

Course pack:  Human service vs. production organizations.


  1. Midsemester feedback

  2. General Feedback on Condition of Concern paper

  3. PowerPoint on Organizations

  4. Discussion of readings

  5. Meet in Groups & feedback on condition of concern paper


20Oct08-22Oct08 Administrative practice overview

Topics:  More detailed treatment of the roles of organizational developer, supervisor, administrator, evaluator, and manager of personnel, funds, and information.  Organizational structure and the roles of agency boards.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 7.

Course pack:  Organizational charts

Reading: Patti, R. (1987).  Managing for service effectiveness in social welfare organizations.  Social Work 32(5), 377-381.

Video Resource:  Deming, TQM (V1315)