Week 7:  Intervening in social conditions


Week 7:  Classes 12-13.  6Oct08-8Oct08 Intervening in social conditions: action, development, & planning approaches

Topics:  More detailed treatment of the roles of planner, developer, organizer, activist, advocate.  Overview or the Industrial Area’s Foundation, ACORN, Foundation for Community Empowerment, Meetup, and other community change forces.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 11.

Course pack:  Comparing approaches to social work practice; Planning, community development, and community action approaches to intervening in social conditions

Reading:  Rothman, J. (2007).  Multi modes of intervention at the macro level.  Journal of Community Practice.  (15/4), 11-40.

Video:  The Democratic Promise:  Saul Alinsky and his Legacy. 50 min.  CWC V1157

Condition of Concern task force report due on 10Oct08



  1. Discussion of returned papers

  2. Review of readings

  3. Video The Democratic Promise:  Saul Alinsky and his Legacy. 50 min.  CWC V1157   http://www.progress.org/archive/alinsky.htm

  4. Task force meetings


  1. Mid-semester feedback form

  2. PowerPoint review

  3. Video Ernie Cortez on principles of intervention.  V1035 DVD.  Cortes, E. (1996).  Reweaving the social fabric http://www.tresser.com/ernesto.htm

  4. Task force meeting

Week 8:  Classes 14-15.  13Oct08-15Oct08 The organization as client

Topics:  Introduction to organization theory and the organizational structure of the social services system, including service delivery, standard-setting, advocacy, coalitions, and funding organizations, and their vertical and horizontal relationships.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 4.

Course pack:  Human service vs. production organizations.