Week 10 Agenda (Assessing organizations)

18-19.  27Oct08-29Oct08 Assessing organizations

Topics:  Setting goals and objectives, process and outcome objectives, financial management, budgets, program evaluation, performance evaluation.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 10, 14.

Course pack:  Overview of evaluation types and activities; writing goals and objectives


  1. Distinction between committee task and maintenance activities

PowerPoint/readings & discussion, 6:20 -7:30

  1. PowerPoint on assessing organizational structure
  2. Examples of assessments -- see course pack for this session

Task Force Meetings Begin Section 3:  Current service delivery system

  1. Gather information on existing services
  2. Select one agency to examine in more detail
  3. Determine ways to discuss the effectiveness of the current service delivery system
  4. Begin to list capacities, needs, and barriers for this section of the assessment

20-21.  3Nov08-5Nov08 Supervising

TopicsModels of supervision, motivating, communicating, staffing.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 2.

Course pack:  Supervision checklist; Handling workplace stress