Week 10 Agenda 

16-17.  20Oct08-22Oct08 Administrative practice overview

TopicsMore detailed treatment of the roles of organizational developer, supervisor, administrator, evaluator, and manager of personnel, funds, and information.  Organizational structure and the roles of agency boards.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 7.

Course pack:  Organizational charts

Reading: Patti, R. (1987).  Managing for service effectiveness in social welfare organizations.  Social Work 32(5), 377-381.



Readings & discussion

Task Force Meetings

  1. 1.Discuss services
  2. 2.Discuss one agency in detail
  3. Determine needs, capacities and barriers from discussion
  4. 3.Designate person/backup & times to cut, paste, submit

Report to Class

Next week

18-19.  27Oct08-29Oct08 Assessing organizations

Topics:  Setting goals and objectives, process and outcome objectives, financial management, budgets, program evaluation, performance evaluation.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 10, 14.

Course pack:  Overview of evaluation types and activities; writing goals and objectives