Agenda Week 4:  The Community as Client

Syllabus information for Classes 6 & 7.  15Sep08-17Sep08 The community as client 

Topics:  Functions of community in modern society, sources of community dysfunction, the mezzo level of social systems, neighborhoods, basic meeting skills and techniques.

Text:  Kirst-Ashman & Hull, Ch. 8.

Course Pack:  Community well-functioning; Checklist to evaluation committee functioning

Web:  Cortes, E. (1996).  Reweaving the social fabric

Video:  Ernie Cortez on principles of intervention.  V1035 DVD.

Recommended:  Watch the movie “Roger and me” by M. Moore and identify the conditions of concern, capacities, needs, intervention strategies, and lessons learned about CAP interventions.


Class 6: 

  1. Guest Speaker, Regina Blair

  2. Movie on meetings

  3. Meet in groups

Class 7:

  1. PowerPoint for Week 4

  2. Readings for Week 4

  3. Meet in groups