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    Feb 2013: A new concept for heme proteins

The Perera lab proposes a new concept for heme proteins based on a unique redox amino acid that is capable of delivering two completely different mechanisms. Read more here.

    Jan 2013: Can we solve six-decade old mystery?

The Perera laboratory is one step closer to solving a 60-year old mystery of finding the active species in Cytochrome P450 protein, a leading enzyme in drug metabolism in humans. In collaboration with Brian Hoffman's laboratory at the Northwestern University, we have found new evidence to support that Compound-I species is involved in the hydroxylation reaction in molecular oxygen activation pathway in cytochrome P450 enzyme. This work, published in Biochemistry in January 2013 (volume 52 (4), pp 667-671), improves our understanding of cytochrome P450 activity, and provides a new aspect for FDA drug approval process.

   Feb 2013 : Dr. Sherry Nussbaum, M.D. , has joined the Perera lab with the aim to develop methods to convert CO2 to liquid fuel such as ethanol using biochemical processes. She is the President and the co-founding Director of Solar-US Energy, Inc., Arlington, Texas.

   Jan 2013 : Congratulations to Dr. Sirimal Premakuamara, who is a partner in our drug discovery program, for his new appointment as the Director of the prestigious Industrial Technology Institute (former CISIR) in Sri Lanka.

   Feb 2013: Congratulations Chris. Group member Christopher Wilson has been selected for admission to the UT-San Antonio School of Medicine

   2012 to present : Dr. Roshan Perera has been appointed as an Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honor Society which has over 400 chapters at colleges and universities around the world with more than 2 million members including Honoraries like Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel and Bill Clinton.

   June 2012 : AWARDED. Perera lab is awarded a grant from Alcon/Novartis to develop a novel contact lenses purification system.

   May 2012 : Congratulations to Nhu Le and Sriyani Liyanage for successfully completing the Master of Science program at UTA.

   Jan 2012: Perera lab organized two international symposiums in Sri Lanka (Colombo and Central), sponsored by University of Texas at Arlington (The Office of Graduate Studies) and Institute of Chemistry Ceylon. The main purpose of the symposiums was to attract best talent from Sri Lanka for the graduate studies as most of the national universities participated in the events. Click symposium & pictures for more details.

   2011-12: Congratulations to Subhash Chand, Leticia Loredo and Yanbo Zhang for passing their update examinations.

   Fall 2010: Congratulations to Leticia Loredo and Yanbo Zhang for successfully defending their oral comprehensive examinations.

   Aug 2010: Congratulations to Subhash Chand for successfully defending the oral comprehensive examination.

   7/1/2010: Congratulations to Nam Tran for receiving research support from Arlington Undergraduate Research-based Achievement for STEM (AURAS) for two semesters, Summer and Fall 2010.

   4/27/2010: AWARDED. Perera lab awarded with the Research Enhancement Proposal (REP) grant from UTA.

   4/22/2010: Group member Brian Stamos presented with the President's Award (First Place) for his oral presentation in the Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES).

   4/8/2010: Group member Brian Stamos presented with the American Chemical Scociety (ACS) award for outstanding undergraduate in chemistry/biochemistry.

   12/1/2009: AWARDED.Perera lab received a grant from Solar-US Energy, Inc. to carry out Green Energy research.

   10/3/2008: Perera lab won the First Place award in Research Day 2008 held by the College of Science at UTA.

   Postdoctoral Research opportunities available in the Perera lab. Click here for more details.

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   Click here for the Perera lab's science blog.