My Philosophy of Teaching


I use a hands-on, kinesthetic-tactile approach to learning. The best way to learn is by engaging in actual practice.

My literacy courses focus on applying knowledge about what we know about literacy learning to effective lesson design and curriculum planning.

I believe in demonstrating what it is I expect teacher candidates to do in their future classrooms. I also explain my rationale, process, and other thoughts

on lesson plan design in class as well as supplemental multimedia such as my YouTube video clips.


I also implement the following components into the literacy methods classes I teach:

*Lesson plan design with:  peer feedback, guided writing in-class, and role-playing demonstrations and reflections afterwards.

*Participation in book club in class.

*Participation in writing workshop in class, working towards presentation of a personal piece.

*Community service projects that foster a "win-win" learning scenario; teacher candidates learn to design effective instruction that is learner-centered.

*Participation in a class blog: students reflect on readings, practice, make connections to other courses and readings, and share resources with one another in a collaborative "community of practice".


Research that has influenced my thinking on teacher education:

*Under construction