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2010 (Spring)

Faculty Fellowship on Sustainability in the Curriculum


'Integrating topics of Sustainability with Literacy Curriculum

for Pre-Service Teachers'

Literacy learning is foundational to all other instruction in the elementary classroom. It is a good venue for integrating ideas related to sustainability with core assignments within the course. The goal of this project is for  UTA pre-service teachers to learn about specific materials (the children’s literature) relating to sustainability as well as make a difference and have a “ripple effect” in a local classroom by sharing knowledge and information on the topic, thereby building community in the city of Arlington in the process. The course blog will serve as an archive of information for students to have not just one lesson plan on a children’s book, but to have 40 lesson plans on quality picture books. It is the intent of the book club discussion for students to broaden and deepen their understanding of crucial topics related to commerce, energy, community, and the environment. We will also dialogue about problems, solution, and application from the text to issues in everyday life.

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University of Texas at Arlington


Current (PI)


Innovative Teaching Grant

'Using Video and Blogging to Discuss and Reflect on Simulated Demonstration Lessons in Class'

This project will develop critical thinking and evaluation of "Best practices" in literacy lesson plan design and practice for EC-6 pre-service teachers. Undergraduate students will be using video with online multi-media (blogging) to record simulated lessons they will present in class. Students will be introduced to and practice authoring and embedding, and viewing videocasts ,enhancing Web 2.0 skills as well as learning from the course content, as presented by the instructor and their peers. The students' videos will be posted on the course blog and other students will be able to 1) offer evaluative feedback and constructive suggestions of each other's lesson presentation based on their understandings of the course content 2) connect the best practices of literacy learning to what is effectively presented in the videos and 3) return to the videos as an archived resource to analyze and better understand applications of the course content.

University of Texas at Arlington

Active Learning



Principal Investigator


Jeanne S. Chall  Research Grant


Harvard University $2,500  


Principal Investigator


“Reaching Goals in Physics with GAANN Fellowships”

GAANN (Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need)


U.S. Department of Education $592,624 Current;