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Me and my niece, Naomi



Below: At the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. I am a fan of the fine arts.

Personal Life: Peggy Semingson

I taught elementary school for eight years in Southern CA and Texas before joining higher education and academia as an asst. professor of Literacy Studies at UT Arlington.


I am a true child of the 80s; I am from many places and from nowhere in particular: born in Austin, Texas in 1973, I grew up in the wilderness of Alaska (Kodiak Island, Fairbanks, and Anchorage) as well as Southern California (the borderlands of San Diego) and Santa Barbara. I have called Texas home for nine years. I am an identical twin, am left-handed, and am  "right-brained" and a "global thinker". Goals include learning more about professional digital photography, singing lessons, and learning how to dance.

When I am not working, I can often be found on my laptop and/or listening to various sub-genres of Electronic music. I'm a little bit OCD about this.

My favorite genres and sub-genres of electronic music are in this rank order: Trance (uplifting trance, progressive trance, anthem trance, vocal trance, dream trance), House, Downtempo/Trip hop, Industrial (EBM, aggrotech, synthpop, futurepop), darkwave/ambient/4AD, Breakbeat, and generally Dance (Eurodance  and 80's new wave/new romantic sounds in particular). I like most anything that intersects with trance.

I am fascinated by style and fashion that is inspired by the gothic/industrial scene including cybergoth (industrial inspired) and steampunk (reminiscent of the Victorian era).

My favorite DJs are George Acosta, Armin van Buuren, and Paul van Dyk. I pretty much only listen to trance these days: