Publications (Published, Accepted, Under Review, and In Progress)

Year Publication Category
In Progress Semingson, P.I’m Not Seeing it at Home’: Breakdown in Communication between Home and School Literacy Practices. [Journal Submission]
In Progress Semingson, P. Online Mentoring in a Literacy Methods Course: ‘How-To’ and ‘Lessons Learned’. [Journal Submission]
In Progress Semingson, P. Teacher Presence in a Literacy Course Blog for Pre-service teachers [Journal Submission]
In Progress Semingson, P., & Amaro-Jimenez, C. Spreading the ‘Wealth of Knowledge’: Personal Narratives of Literacy Sponsors. [Journal Submission]
In Progress Semingson, P. Changing the Great Debate: Chall's Evolving Philosophy Across Editions. [Journal Submission]
In progress
Semingson, P. "O.K., Let's figure it out all together.": Social-Collaborative Literacy Learning Practices in the Home. [Journal Submission]
Accepted Amaro-Jimenez, C., & Semingson, P. "Sometimes I Don't Know How to Help you But I'll Try:" Latina Mothers' Participation in their Children's Biliteracy Learning in the Home". National Journal of Urban Education and Practice. Journal (Peer Reviewed)
2010 Semingson, P. (2010). Building Bridges to Home Literacy Practices: Working from Strengths, Successes and Known Motivators, English in Texas. Journal (Peer Reviewed)
In Press Semingson, P. “Saber Dos Lenguas es Saber dos Mundos”: Thoughts from  a White Bilingual Educator. In Judith James & Nancy Peterson (Eds) In White women getting real: Stories of how culturally diverse schools transformed teachers. Stylus Publishing. Book Chapter
2010 Arrowood, D., Davis, R., & Semingson, P. (2010). Supporting Preservice Teachers as They Use Technology to Teach Children. In Proceedings of Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference. Conference Proceedings
2010 Semingson, P. (2010). The Jeanne Chall Collection on the Teaching of Reading: Being Mentored by the Works of an Eminent Literacy Scholar. History of Reading News. Newsletter
2010 Semingson, P. (2010). Multiple Literacies and ‘Mr. Mom’: Engaging a Reluctant Reader at Home. State of Reading Journal (Peer Reviewed)
2010 Amaro-Jimenez, C. & Semingson, P. (2010). Domain I: English Language Arts and Reading. In Luis Rosado. (Eds.), TExES Generalist EC-6 (191). Piscataway, NJ: Research & Education. Book Chapter
Bomer, R., Dworin, J. E., May, L. & Semingson, P. (2009).What's wrong with a deficit perspective? Teachers College Record, Date Published: June 03, 2009 [Commentary-not peer-reviewed] ID Number: 15648, Date Accessed: 6/13/2009 7:38:58 PM
Journal Commentary
Bomer, R., Dworin, J. E., May, L. & Semingson, P. (2008). Miseducating teachers about the poor: A critical analysis of Ruby Payne's claims about poverty. Teachers College Record Volume 110 Number 12, 2008, p. 2497-2531. ID Number: 14591, Date Accessed: 6/13/2009 7:44:12 PM
Journal (Peer Reviewed)
"Assessing Literary Understanding through Book Talk". Nancy L. Roser with Charles Fuhrken and Peggy Semingson In Classroom Literacy Assessment: Making Sense of What Students Know and Do. Edited by Jeanne R. Paratore and Rachel L. McCormack. Guilford Press.
Book Chapter
Review (2007) of the young adult novel Anything but Ordinary. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(7).

Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Book Review

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