John Garrigus

Associate Professor

Garrigus, Nov. 2015

Department of History Box 19529

University of Texas at Arlington

Arlington TX 76019-0529

UTA History Office: (817) 272-2861
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Map of the North Plain of Saint-Domingue, ca 1763

Carte générale de la Partie françoise de l'I. de St. Domingue relative au mémoire et un cottier de M. le comte d'Estaing (1760)

Publications Courses

New book out in June 2016!

Image of Burnard and Garrigus, Plantation Machine


Spring 2016
HIST4369: The Caribbean
HIST5341: Approaches to World History

Fall 2015
HIST5349: Introduction to Transatlantic History
Spring 2015
HIST4369: The Caribbean

Fall 2014
HIST4366: Colonial Latin America
HIST5311: The French Atlantic, 1500-1848

Summer 2014
HIST2302: World History II
HIST4366: Colonial Latin America

Spring 2014
HIST6303: Age of Atlantic Revolutions
HIST4369: The Caribbean

Fall 2013
HIST2302: World History II
HIST5349: Introduction to Transatlantic History

Summer 2013
HIST2302: World History II

Spring 2013
HIST4369: The Caribbean
HIST5313: The Caribbean From Columbus to Castro

Fall 2012
HIST2302: World History II
HIST5349: Introduction to Transatlantic History

Summer 2012
HIST4366: Latin America: Origins Through Independence

Spring 2012 
HIST4369: The Caribbean
HIST6321: Seminar on Atlantic History Before 1800

Fall 2011
First Year Seminar, HIST1300: Drinking in World History
HIST6301: Colloquium on Exploration and Cartography in the Atlantic World


Complete CV [pdf] (August 2015)

Cover of paperback edition of Before Haiti

In December 2010, Before Haiti became available in a paperback edition

John Garrigus and Christopher Morris, eds, Assumed identities: The Meanings of Race in the Atlantic World (Texas A&M University Press, 2010)

Garrigus, Before Haiti cover

Before Haiti: Race and Citizenship in French Saint-Domingue
(Palgrave MacMillan,  June 2006)
Awarded the 2007 Gilbert Chinard Prize by the Society for French Historical Studies.

Laurent Dubois and John Garrigus, eds. Slave Revolution (Bedford St. Martins, 2006).

Introduction to La Mulâtre ou la femme comme il y a beaucoup de blanches (L'Harmattan, March 2007), an anonymous epistolary novel set in 1770s Saint-Domingue, and published in Paris on the eve of Haitian independence.

Garrigus, older articles for download [pdf versions]

My Zotero homepage with bibliography for current and past projects available to download

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