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Office: Chemistry
Research Building Room 305
Phone: 817-272-3813
E-mail: dias@uta.edu
Fax: 817-272-3808
Labs: Chemistry
Research Building
Rooms 316, 318, 320
Dr. Rasika Dias, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Dias Dr. Rasika Dias has been a member of the UT Arlington Chemistry and Biochemistry Department faculty since 1992.

Current research activities cover several important areas of chemistry such as (i) homogeneous catalysis, (ii) luminescent materials, (iii) reactive intermediates, (iv) metals in medicine and biological processes, (v) functionalized nano-materials, (vi) disinfectants and preservatives, and (vii) conducting polymers.

Please visit the “Research” and “Publication” pages for more details.