Lucksagoon Ganranoo

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Determination of Nitrophenolic Compouds in the Atmosphere

      My work is about the separation of nitrophenolic compounds in rain and air samples by ion chromatography. We fabricate the cartridges for trapping such compounds in air by using silica gel as packing material. As the concentration of nitrophenolic compounds in rain and the atmosphere are very low, a detection system via liquid core waveguide (LCW) is proposed.


M.S. (Chemistry), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 2005.

B.S. (Chemistry), Chiang Mai University,Thailand, 2002. 


  • S. Kradtap- Hartwell, D. Somprayoon, P. Kongtawelert, S. Ongchai, O. Arppornchayanon, L. Ganranoo, S. Lapanantnoppakhun, K. Grudpan, "Online assay of bone specific alkaline phosphatase with a flow injection-bead injection system", Anal Chim Acta., 600 (1-2), 188-193 (2007).  DOI:10.1016/j.aca.2006.12.056
  • S. Lapanantnoppakhun, S. Kasuwas, L. Ganranoo, J. Jakmunee, K. Grudpan, "Simple spectrophotometric flow injection system with an in-valve minicolumn for enhancement during the determination of chromium(III) using EDTA", Anal. Sci., 22 (1), 153-155 (2006).  DOI:10.2116/analsci.22.153













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