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  Working Papers
Rethinking the Choice between Core and Headline Inflation: Does It Matter Which One to Target? (with J. Kong and D. Sul), 2016.
Geographic Inequality of Economic Well-being among U.S. Cities: Evidence from Micro Panel Data (with A. Chudik), 2017. (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Working Paper No. 330; Also appeared as System Working Paper 17-30 of Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis).
  Publications (Papers below are copyrighted by their publishers and are not to be reproduced without the permission of the publishers.)
Segmentation of Consumer Markets in the U.S.: What Do Intercity Price Differences Tell Us? (with A. Murphy and J. Wu), 2017, Canadian Journal of Economics, 50(3), 738~777.
The Role of Two Frictions in Geographic Price Dispersion: When Market Friction Meets Nominal Rigidity (with H. Choi), 2016, Journal of International Money and Finance, 63, 1~27. [lead article] (working paper version: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas WP No. 219)
Monetary Policy Regime Change and Regional Inflation Dynamics: Looking through the Lens of Sectoral Data in Korea (with J. Lee and R. O'Sullivan), forthcoming, Pacific Economic Review (working paper version: Bank of Korea WP 2015-20)
 “Discontinuity of Output Convergence within the U.S.: Why Has the Cource Changed? (with Xiaojun Wang), 2015, Economic Inquiry, 53(1), 49~71. Online annex.
 Consumer Price Differences Persist Among Eight Texas Cities (with M. Ca'Zorzi and A. Chudik), 2014, Economic Letter, 9(14), The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
 Does Distance Reflect More Than Transport Costs? (with Horag Choi), 2014, Economics Letters, 125(1), 82~86.
 “Heterogeneous Response of Disaggregate Inflation to Monetary Policy Regime Change: The Role of Price Stickiness (with Roisin O'Sullivan), 2013, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37(9), 1814~1832.
 “Inflation Targeting and Relative Price Variability: What Difference Does Inflation Targeting Make? (with Young Se Kim and Roisin O'Sullivan), 2011, Southern Economic Journal, 77(4), 934~957.
 “Reconsidering the Relationship between Inflation and Relative Price Variability, 2010, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 42(5), 769~798 [lead article]
Bias Reduction in Dynamic Panel Data Models by Common Recursive Mean Adjustment, (with Nelson C. Mark and Donggyu Sul), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 72(5), 567~599.[lead article] Additional simulation results (MC1, MC2, MC3)
 “Is There Any Asymmetry in the Effect of Inflation on Relative Price Variability? (with Young Se Kim), 2010, Economics Letters, 108(2), 233~236.
Robust Estimation for Structural Spurious Regressions and A Hausman−type Cointegration Test, (with Ling Hu and Masao Ogaki), 2008, Journal of Econometrics, 142, 327~351.
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On the Performance of Popular Unit−Root Tests against Various Nonlinear Dynamic Models: A Simulation Study, (with Young−Kyu Moh), 2006, Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation, 35(1), 105~116.
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