An International Conference on Finite Geometry to Honor the Career of

Norman L. Johnson on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

All talks will take place at the Buena Vista Building, room 1.338

Thursday Afternoon, March 26

2:00-2:10 PM

Welcome and Introductions

2:10-2:50 PM

New infinite families of semifields
Rocco Trombetti

3:00-3:40 PM

On the classification of semifields of order q^6, with left nucleus of  order q^3 and center of order q.
Giuseppe Marino

3:40-4:10 PM

Coffee Break

4:10-4:50 PM

Symplectic Spreads and Quadric Veronesean
Olga Polverino

5:00-5:40 PM

Fractional dimensional semifields of odd characteristics and primitive semifields
Vikram Jha

5:50-6:10 PM

Inner automorphisms of finite semifields
Greg Wene

6:10-6:30 PM

A class of transitive BLT-sets
Anton Betten

Friday Morning, March 27

8:30-9:10 AM

A class of translation planes
Tim Penttila

9:20-10:00 AM

Enumeration of Buekenhout Unitals
Gary Ebert

10:10-10:50 AM

Translation planes admitting SL(2,5)
Alan Prince

10:50-11:10 AM

Coffee Break

11:10-11:30 AM

Symmetric spread sets
Antonio Maschietti

11:35-11:55 AM

Partial spreads and flocks over infinite fields
Eric Moorhouse

12:00-12:20 PM

Reconstructing a VW plane from its Collineation group
Cafer Caliskan

12:25-12:45 PM

Il problema Abeliano Rosso
Esteban Diaz

12:45-2:00 PM Lunch


Friday Afternoon, March 27

2:00-2:40 PM

Lexicographic Partial Planes
Christoph Hering

2:50-3:30 PM

Spectrum results in finite geometry
Leo Storme

3:30-4:00 PM

Coffee Break

4:00-4:20 PM

On the projective planes with a primitive line Alessandro Montinaro

4:25-4:45 PM

On the number of $k$-gons in finite projective planes
Keith Mellinger

4:50-5:10 PM

An extremal characterization of projective planes
Stefan De Winter

5:20-5:40 PM

A survey of some Generalized Playfair Structures
Mark Miller

5:45-6:05 PM

Embeddings of graphs in affine planes
Oscar Vega

6:10-6:30 PM

Regular graphs of girth 5 with few vertices Martin Funk

Saturday Morning, March 28


8:30-9:10 AM

The Ubiquitous Translation Oval Revisited William Cherowitzo

9:20-10:00 AM

Characterizations of quadric Veroneseans: A survey
Jeff Thas

10:10-10:50 AM

Arrigo Bonisoli

10:50-11:10 AM

Coffee Break

11:10-11:50 AM

Recent results on ovals and unitals in finite desarguesian planes
Gabor Korchmaros

12:00-12:40 PM

Down the mathematical memory lane with Norm
Stanley Payne


Saturday Afternoon, March 28

Afternoon free to enjoy San Antonio



Saturday Evening, March 28 

6:30-9:00 PM Conference banquet—Mi Tierra Restaurant


Sunday Morning, March 29

9:00-9:20 AM

Monomial hyperovals in Desarguesian planes
Timothy Vis

9:25-9:45 AM

Constructions and characterizations of quasi-Hermitian varieties and singular quadrics
Jeroen Schillewaert

9:50-10:10 AM

Hoehn’s 5-Circle Theorem
Chris Fisher

10:10-10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:30-10:50 AM

Central aspects of skew translation generalized quadrangles
Koen Thas

11:00-11:40 AM

Intriguing sets of rank 2 geometries Frank De Clerk

11:45 AM

Closing remarks