Math 5340                                                                    I Summer  2003                          

Dr. Cordero                       

Final  Journal

Due Monday June 30th, 2003 by 1:00 p.m.

About this week


  1. What mathematical concepts did you learned/review this week?


  1. What was the impact in your learning of the use of small groups in class this week?




  1. Write a short essay describing the most interesting or surprising discovery you made this week in class. If any material seemed puzzling address that as well.


  1. Write an imaginative story that involves or evokes the ideas used this week in class.


  1. Describe several real-life situations for which some of the strategies of thought used this week would provide effective methods of approaching and resolving them.



About the course


Now that you have completed a graduate course in Discrete Mathematics:


  1. What mathematical ideas/concepts do you understand better after taking this course?
  2. Will this “new knowledge” affect the way you teach your own classes?
  3. If you already use cooperative learning in your classes, how will the experience gained in this class influence your teaching? Answer the question if you have never used cooperative learning.
  4. Of the different teaching styles used in class (cooperative learning, computer-aided, lecturing by instructor, etc.) which one was more effective in your learning of the material studied? Which one do you think will be most beneficial to your students?
  5. How will the experience of being a student again, after perhaps several years, affect your teaching?
  6. What do you consider to be the greatest benefit for you of having taken this class?