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                                                              WEB SITES
                                    FOR COURSES IN RUSSIAN-EURASIAN STUDIES
                                                AND COMPARATIVE POLITICS
                                                        I. RUSSIA-EURASIA

1. Armenia Diaspora  http://www.armeniadiaspora.com/  (Eng)
2. Armenian links   http://hyenews.tripod.com/armlinks.htm 
3. Armenpress, Armenian News Agency   http://www.armenpress.am/ 
4. ARMINFO News Agency   http://www.arminfo.am/  (Arm/Eng/Rus)
5. Central Electoral Commission   http://www.elections.am 
6. Embassy of Armenia in the US   http://www.armeniaemb.org/ 
7. Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia  http://www.mindiaspora.am
8. National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia  http://www.armstat.am/en/
9. National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Armenia
    http://www.parliament.am  (Arm/Rus/Eng/Fre)
10. President of the Republic of Armenia
     http://www.president.am/  (Eng/Arm/Rus)

1. Embassy of Azerbaijan in the US   http://www.azembassy.com/ 
2. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
    http://www.president.az/  (Az/Eng/Rus)
3. State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
    http://www.azstat.org/indexen.php  (Az)

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Nagorno- Karabakh   http://www.nkr.am/

1. A Belaus Miscellany   http://www.belarus-misc.org/ 
2. Belarus - A Country Study  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/bytoc.html  (Eng)
3. National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
    http://www.ac.by/  (Bel/Eng/Rus)
4. National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus  http://www.belstat.gov.by/
5. President of the Republic of Belarus
    http://www.president.gov.by/ eng/ (Rus/Eng)
6. United States Embassy in Belarus   http://minsk.usembassy.gov/ 
7. WWW.Belarus   http://www.belarus.net  (Eng)

Eurasia/Central Asia
1. Central Eurasian Studies World Wide  http://cesww.fas.harvard.edu/  (Eng)
2. Central Eurasia Project  http://www.soros.org/ initiatives/cep/ (Eng)
3. Eurasia Daily Monitor    http://www.jamestown.org/programs/edm/archivesedm/2011/    (Eng)
4. Eurasianet.org   http://www.eurasianet.org/index.shtml  (Eng/Rus)

1. Central Election Commission   http://www.cec.gov.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
2. Civil Georgia   http://www.civil.ge/eng  (Eng/Geor/Rus)
3. Democratic Georgia-United Movement (opposition party of Nino Burjanadze)
    http://www.democrats.ge/ (Geo/Eng)
4. Georgia and the IMF
    http://www.imf.org/external/country/GEO/index.htm  (Eng)
5. Georgia Revealed
    http://www.oneworldjourneys.com/georgia/home.html  (Eng)
6. “Georgian Daily Times”   http://www.geotimes.ge/  (Eng)
7. Georgian Dream (ruling party)  http://gd.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
8. Georgian Parliament   http://www.parliament.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
9. Government of Georgia  http://www.government.gov.ge/  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
10. Georgian Labour Party  http://www.labour.ge  (Geo/Rus/Eng)
11. Languages on the Web, Georgian Links  http://www.lonweb.org/links/link-georgian.htm
12. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   http://www.mfa.gov.ge  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
13. News Information Agency of Georgia (RIA-Novosti)
    http://newsgeorgia.ru/  (Rus/Geo)
14. Open Society Georgia Foundation   http://osgf.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
15. President of Georgia  http://www.president.gov.ge/  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
16. Republican Party of Georgia  http://republicans.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
17. Rustavi-2 Georgia Online   http://www.rustavi2.com.ge/  (Geo/Eng)
18. Sarke Information Agency   http://www.sarke.com/  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
19. United National Movement (opposition party)  http://www.unm.ge/index.php?lang_id=ENG&sec_id=1  (Geo/Eng)
20. UNDP in Georgia   http://www.undp.org.ge  (Geo/Eng)
21. Visit Georgia  http://www.visitgeorgia.ge  (Eng/Ger/Ita/Fre/Jap/Rus)

22. Abkhazia.Org home page   http://www.abkhazia.org/home.html  (Eng)
23. Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (pro-Georgian)
     http://abkhazia.gov.ge/  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
24. Political Resources on the Net-Abkhazia
     http://www.politicalresources.net/abkhazia.htm (Eng)
25. Republic of Abkhazia   http://www.apsny.org  (Eng)

South Ossetia:
26. Kavkas Vakfi (Caucasus Foundation) 
     http://www.kafkas.org.tr/english/bgkafkas/bukaf_gosetya.html  (Eng)
27. Republic of South Ossetia  http://www.republicofsouthossetia.org/  (Eng)

1. Internews Kazakhstan   http://www.internews.kz/eng/index.htm  (Eng)
2. KABAR, Kazakh National News Agency
    http://www.khabar.kz/  (Kaz/Rus/Eng)
3. Kazinform News Agency http://www.inform.kz  (Kaz/Rus/Eng/Arab)
4. National Bank of Kazakhstan   http://www.nationalbank.kz 
5. Official Kazakhstan web page   http://www.president.kz/  (Kaz/Rus/Eng)

1. AKIpress  http://www.akipress.org/  (Rus/Eng)
2. Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA and Canada
    http://www.kyrgyzstan.org/  (Eng)
3. Government of the Kyrgyz Republic  http://www.gov.kg/  (Rus)

1. Chisinau web page   http://www.chisinau.md/  (Eng/Rom/Rus)
2. Embassy of Moldova in the US   http://moldovaembassy.com  (Eng)
3. Moldova-AZI   http://www.azi.md/  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
4. National Bank of Moldova   http://www.bnm.org/  (Rom/Eng)
5. Official Page of the President of Moldova
    http://www.president.md/  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
6. Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
    http://www.parliament.md/  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
7. US Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova   http://www.usembassy.md/ 

1. Carnegie Endowment-Russian and Eurasian Program
    http://www.carnegieendowment.org/programs/russia/ (Eng)
2. National and Ethnic Home Pages
    http://learning.lib.vt.edu/slav/nat_ethnic_intro.html  (Eng)

1. Chechenpress State News Agency (rebel site)
    http://www.chechenpress.co.uk/english/index.shtml  (Rus/Eng)
2. Chechnya Free.RU (Russian govt.)   http://www.chechnyafree.ru 
3. Chechnya News   http://www.chechnyanews.com/  (Eng)
4. Kavkaz-Tsentr (Islamic Information Center)
    http://www.kavkazcenter.com/  (Eng/Rus/Tur/Ukr/Ara)
5. The President and Government of the Chechen Republic
    http://www.chechnya.gov.ru/  (Rus)
6. Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization - Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
    http://www.unpo.org/content/view/7865/100/  (Eng)
1. American Chamber of Commerce in Russia  http://www.amcham.ru/  (Eng)
2. eAtlas (Russian maps)   http://www.eatlas.ru/  (Eng/Rus)
3. Higher School of Economics Institute of Law
    http://igz.hse.ru/web/igz/igz_cms.nsf/All/index.html  (Rus)
4. “Memorial” (Pamyat)   http://www.memo.ru/  (Rus)
5. Moscow Kremlin virtual tour   http://www.moscowkremlin.ru/  (Rus)
6. Moscow Metro   http://www.metro.ru  (Rus)
7. Russian PEN Centre (Russian and English)  http://www.penrussia.org/  (Rus/Eng)
8. Russia’s Weather   http://meteo.infospace.ru/  (Rus/Eng)

Economics, Elections and Statistics:
1. AK&M Information Agency   http://www.akm.ru/eng/  (Rus/Eng)
2. Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition  http://www.bof.fi/bofit 
3. Central Electoral Commission  http://www.cikrf.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
4. Centre for Economic and Financial Research (ind. think tank)
    http://www.cefir.org/  (Rus/Eng)
5. Federal State Statistics Service    http://www.gks.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
6. Interfax  http://www.interfax.com  (Eng)
7. Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS  http://www.cisstat.com/  (Rus/Eng)
8. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)  http://www.micex.com/  (Rus/Eng)
9. Norwegian Institute of International Relations (data on regions)
     http://www.nupi.no/russland/russland.htm  (Nor/Eng)
10. Russia Votes, Center for the Study of Public Policy, Univ. of
     Strathclyde http://www.russiavotes.org/  (Eng)
11. Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)  http://www.rts.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
12. St. Petersburg Stock Exchange  http://www.spbex.ru/np/main.stm  (Rus)

1. Agentura.ru, The Secret Services Watchdog  http://www.agentura.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
2. Central Bank of Russia   http://www.cbr.ru/eng  (Rus/Eng)
3. Constitutional Court of Russia   http://ks.rfnet.ru/  (Rus/Eng/Fre/Ger)
4. Embassy of Russian Federation in the US  http://www.russianembassy.org  (Rus/Eng)
5. Federal Government server   http://www.government.ru  (Rus)
6. Federal Security Service (FSB)   http://www.fsb.ru  (Rus)
7. Federation Council   http://www.council.gov.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
8.  Ministry of Agriculture   http://mcx.ru/  (Rus)
9. Ministry of Defense   http://mil.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
10. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade  http://www.economy.gov.ru  (Rus/Eng)
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   http://www.mid.ru/   (Rus/Eng/Fre/Ger/Spa)
12. Ministry of Justice   http://www.minjust.ru/  (Rus)
13. Ministry of Finance   http://www.minfin.ru/  (Rus)
14. President of the Russian Federation   http://www.kremlin.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
15. Procurator General of the Russian Federation  http://genproc.gov.ru  (Rus)                       
16. Security Council   http://www.scrf.gov.ru/  (Rus)
17. State Duma   http://www.duma.gov.ru/  (Rus)
18. Supreme Court   http://www.supcourt.ru/  (Rus/Eng)

Parties and Politicians:
1. A Just Russia  http://www.spravedlivo.ru/  (Rus)
2. Communist Party of the Russian Federation   http://kprf.ru  (Rus/Eng/Spa)
3. The Official Website of Garry Kasparov  http://www.kasparov.com/  (Eng/Rus)
4. Mikhail Khodorkovsky home page  http://www.khodorkovsky.com  (Eng/Rus)
5. Liberal Democratic Party of Russia  http://www.ldpr.ru/  (Rus)
6. Alexei Navlny home page  http://navalny.ru  (Rus)
7. National Bolshevik Party    http://www.nbp-info.com (Rus)
8. Boris Nemtsov’s home page   http://www.nemtsov.ru  (Rus)
9. The Other Russia    http://www.theotherrussia.org  (Eng)
10. Pussy Riot  http://pussy-riot.livejournal.com/  (Rus)
11. Russian National Unity (fascists)   http://barkashov.com  (Rus)
12. Unified Russia   http://er.ru  (Rus)
13. Union of Right Forces   http://www.sps.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
14. Yabloko home page  http://www.yabloko.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
15. Ilya Yashin: Live Journal  http://yashin.livejournal.com/  (Rus)

1. Ancient Faith Radio (Orthodox radio, Chicago)
    http://www.ancientfaithradio.com  (Eng)
2. Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS  http://www.fjc.ru/  (Rus/Heb/Eng)
3. Interfax-Religion   http://www.interfax-religion.com/  (Eng)
4. Islam in Russia   http://www.islam.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
5. Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate  http://www.mospat.ru  (Rus/Eng/Ger/Ita/Spa)

Russian news agencies, papers, web-news sites:
1. Agency of Political News   http://www.apn.ru  (Rus)
2. Allnews.ru   http://www.lenta.ru  (Rus)
3. Argumenty i Fakty  http://www.aif.ru  (Rus)
4. “Delovoy Petersburg”   http://www.dp.ru  (Rus/Eng)
5. Ekho Moskvy   http://www.echo.msk.ru  (Rus/Eng)
6. “Gazeta.ru”   http://www.gazeta.ru  (Rus)
7. “GazetaSNG" (CIS)   http://gazetasng.ru  (Rus)
8. GTRK-Omsk  http://gtrk-omsk.ru/  (Rus)
9. Hot Newspapers  http://www.hotnewspapers.com/russia-newspapers/  (Eng/Rus)
10. “Inopressa.ru" (Foreign Press about Russia)  http://www.inopressa.ru/  (Rus)
11. Interfax  http://www.interfax.ru  (Rus)
12. ITAR-TASS On-line   http://itar-tass.com/  (Rus/Eng)
13. “Izvestiya”  http://izvestia.ru/nnews/izvestia/  (Rus)
14. "Kommersant"  http://www.kommersant.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
15. "Komsomolskaya Pravda"  http://www.kp.ru/  (Rus)
16. "Krasnaya Zvezda"  http://www.redstar.ru/  (Rus)
17. "Literaturnaya Gazeta"  http://lgz.ru/  (Rus)
18. “Moscow News”   http://www.mn.ru/news  (Rus/Eng)
19. “Moscow Times”   http://www.moscowtimes.com/  (Eng)
20. National Information Service http://www.strana.ru  (Rus)
21. "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"  http://www.ng.ru/  (Rus)
22. "Novaya Gazeta"  http://www.novayagazeta.ru/  (Rus)
23. NTV   http://www.ntv.ru/  (Rus)
24. "Parlamentskaya Gazeta"  http://www.pnp.ru/  (Rus)
25. Polit.ru   http://www.polit.ru  (Rus)
26. "Pravda"  http://www.pravda.ru/  (Rus/Eng/Por/Ita)
27. Regnum.ru  http://www.regnum.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
28. RIA-Novosti  http://en.ria.ru/  (Rus/Eng/Ger/Fre)
29. Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI)  http://rapsinews.com  (Eng/Rus)
30. Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti  http://www.spbvedomosti.ru/  (Rus)
31. "Sovetskaya Rossiya"  http://www.rednews.ru/  (Rus)
32. "The St. Petersburg Times"  http://www.sptimes.ru/  (Eng)
33. Top 20 Russian News Sites  http://www.allyoucanread.com/russian-newspapers/  (Eng/Rus)
34. "Trud"  http://www.trud.ru/  (Rus)
35. "Vedomosti" (Wall Street Journal and Financial Times)  http://www.vedomosti.ru/  (Rus)
36. "Vesti"  http://www.vesti.ru  (Rus)
37. VladNews Information Agency (Vladivostok)   http://vladnews.ru/  (Eng)

1. Advantour-Tajikistan  http://www.advantour.com/tajikistan/index.htm  (Eng/Rus)|
2. Embassy of Tajikistan to the United States of America
    http://www.tjus.org/  (Eng)
3. Khovar, National News Agency of Tajikistan  http://www.khovar.tojikiston.com  (Taj/Rus/Eng/Ara/Ger/Far)
4. Majlisi Oli (Parliament) of the Republic of Tajikistan  http://www.parlament.tj/en/  (Taj/Rus/Eng)
5. President of the Republic of Tajikistan  http://www.president.tj/  (Taj/Rus/Eng)
6. Tajikistan-A Country Study  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/tjtoc.html  (Eng)
7. Tajiksitan Monitor  http://tjmonitor.wordpress.com/  (Eng)
8. Tajikistan Research Resources  http://tajikistanresearch.org/  (Eng)

1. Embassy of Turkmenistan in the US  http://turkmenistanembassy.org/  (Eng)
2. English Learning Websites - Embassy of the United States in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
    http://turkmenistan.usembassy.gov/learn-english.html  (Eng)
3. European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity-Turkmenistan 
    http://www.europeanforum.net/country/turkmenistan  (Eng)
4. People’s Democratic Movement of Turkmenistan  http://www.gundogar.org/  (Rus/Eng)
5. Social-Political Movement “Watan”  http://www.watan.ru/  (Rus/Eng/Tur)
6. Turkmenistan-the Golden Age  http://www.turkmenistan.gov.tm/_eng/  (Tur/Rus/Eng)
7. Turkmenistan.ru http://www.turkmenistan.ru/  (Rus/Eng)
8. United Nations Turkmenistan (UN websites re: Turkmenistan)  http://www.untuk.org/  (Eng)
9. US Embassy in Turkmenistan   http://turkmenistan.usembassy.gov/   (Rus/Eng/Tur)

1. All-Ukrainian Population Census http://www.ukrcensus.gov.ua/eng/ 
2. Batkivshchyna, All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland"  http://batkivshchyna.com.ua/  (Ukr)
3. Bloc of Yuliya Tymoshenko  http://www.tymoshenko.com.ua/eng/news/press/48/
4. Central Election Commission   http://www.cvk.gov.ua/  (Ukr/Eng)
5. Embassy of Ukraine in the U.S.  http://usa.mfa.gov.ua/en  (Eng)
6. Embassy of the U.S. in Ukraine   http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/   (Eng)
7. Governmental Portal  http://www.kmu.gov.ua/  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
8. KiddofSpeed (trip through Chornobyl)  http://www.kiddofspeed.com (Eng)
9. The Kyiv Post   http://www.kyivpost.com/   (Eng/Ukr/Rus)
10. Media International Group  http://mignews.com.ua  (Eng/Rus)
11. Our Ukraine (party of Viktor Yushchenko)   http://www.razom.org.ua/   (Ukr/Eng)
12. Party of Regions  http://partyofregions.org.ua/  (Rus/Ukr/Eng)
13. President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych  http://www.president.gov.ua/   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
14. Religious Information Service of Ukraine  http://www.risu.org.ua/eng/  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
15. Security Service of Ukraine  http://www.sbu.gov.ua/sbu/control/en/index  (Ukr/Eng)
16. Socialist Party of Ukraine  http://www.spu.in.ua/  (Ukr)
17. State Statistics Committee of Ukraine  http://www.ukrstat.gov.ua/  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
18. Supreme Rada (Council) of Ukraine   http://www.rada.gov.ua/   (Ukr/Eng/Rus)
19. Svoboda (Freedom), All-Ukrainian Union  http://www.svoboda.org.ua/  (Ukr/Eng)
20. Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms (UDAR) of Klitschko
     http://klichko.org/en/  (Ukr/Eng)
21. Ukrainian Information Project   http://www.uazone.net  (Ukr)
22. Ukrainian News  http://un.ua/eng/   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
23. Ukrinform, Ukrainian National Information Agency
     http://news.ukrinform.com.ua.8101/site2/   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
24. UNIAN news agency  http://www.unian.net/  (Ukr/Eng/Rus)
25. UN in Ukraine   http://www.un.kiev.ua/en/  (Eng)
26. Yuliya Tymoshenko  http://www.tymoshenko.com.ua/en/   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)

1. “Arena” Committee for Freedom of Speech and Expression
    http://www.freeuz.org/  (Rus/Eng)
2. “Birlik” Popular Movement of Uzbekistan  http://www.birlik.net/  (Eng/Rus/Tur)
3. Ferghana.ru Information Agency  http://www.fergana.ru/main.php  (Rus/Eng)
4. Governmental Portal of the Republic or Uzbekistan  http://www.gov.uz
5. Jahon Information Agency of the MFA of Uzbekistan
    http://www.jahonnews.uz/eng/  (Uzb/Rus/Eng/Ara)
6. Organization for Assistance to Freedom of Speech  http://www.ozodovoz.org/ 
7. Press-Uz.info   http://www.press-uz.info  (Uzb/Rus/Eng)
8. Uzbekistan resource page   http://www.soros.org/uzbkstan.html  (Uzb)
9. Uzbekistan National News Agency   http://www.uza.uz  (Uzb/Rus/Eng/Fre/Ger)

                                                    II. EASTERN and CENTRAL EUROPE

1. Albanian Telegraphic Agency   http://www.ata-al.com/   (Alb/Fre/Eng)
2. “Albanian Times”  http://www.worldweb.net/~ww1054/times/times.html 
3. Central Elections Commission  http://www.kqz.org.al/  (Alb/Eng)

1. Bosnia Action Coalition  http://www.applicom.com/twibih/  (Eng)
2. Bosnia and Hercegovina   http://www.worldstatesmen.org/Bosnia.html  (Eng)
3. Bosnian Embassy   http://www.bosnianembassy.org/  (Eng)
4. Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina  http://qry.izbori.ba/  (Bos/Cro/Ser)
5. Maps of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina   http://www.kakarigi.net/maps  (Eng)
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   http://www.mvp.gov.ba/index_eng.htm  (Eng)

1. Bulgaria.com  http://www.bulgaria.com (Eng)
2. Bulgarian News (Telegraph) Agency  http://www.bta.bg/site/bg/indexe.shtml  (Bul/Eng)  
3. Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Washington, DC  http://www.bulgaria-embassy.org/ 
4. PARI.bg (Business and Finance News Daily)  http://www.pari.bg/   (Bul)
5. Republic of Bulgaria Privatization Agency 
    http://www.priv.government.bg/apnew/Root/index.php?magic=  (Eng/Bul)
6. Sofia News Agency  http://www.novinite.com  (Bul/Eng)                                              

1. http://www.croatia.hr  (Govt. information server)
2. http://www.sabor.hr/  (Croatian parliament)
3. http://www.urpr.hr/english/index.html  (President of Croatia
    home page)
4. http://www.hina.hr    (Croatian News Service)
5. http://www.tel.hr/sdp/eindex.html (Social Democratic party)
6. State Election Commission http://www.izbori.hr  (Cro)

Czech Republic
1. http://www.czech.cz/infosrcll/hrad/havel/havelcv.htm  (home
    page of former President Havel, includes speeches)
2. http://www.czech.cz/washington  (Czech embassy in DC)
3. http://www.ios.com/~jirim/monprs.html  (CTK, Czech News Agency)
4. http://cech.cesnet.cz/news.html  (News from the Czech Republic)
5. http://cs-sun1.nemostate.edu/%7Evjirinec/czech/czech.html
    (general information)
6. http://www.czech.cz/infosrc/ff/politic.htm  (political system)
7. http://www.muselik.com/czech/frame.html
8. Statistical Office Election Server http://www.volby.cz 

Eastern and Central European servers
1. Austrian Institute for Economic Research  http://www.wsr.ac.at/  (Ger/Eng)
2. Central Europe Online http://www.centraleurope.com/   (Eng)

1. Baltic News Service  http://www.bns.ee/en/  (Est/Eng/Rus)
2. “Baltic Review” http://www.tbr.ee  (Eng)
3. “City Paper” http://www.balticsworldwide.com/  (Eng)
4. Council of the Baltic Sea States http://www.cbss.st/  (Eng)
5. Embassy of Estonia in US http://www.estemb.org  (Eng/Est)
6. Estonia and the European Union   http://www.vm.ee/eng/kat_181/909.html  (Est/Eng)
7. Estonia-wide web, search engine  http://www.ee/www/welcome.html  (Eng)
8. Estonian Legal Language Center     http://www.legaltext.ee/indexen.htm  (Est/Eng)
9. Estonian National Electoral Committee  http://www.vvk.ee/engindex.html  (Est/Eng)
10. Ministry of Defense http://mod.gov.ee/  (Est/Eng)
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.vm.ee/  (Est/Eng)
12. President of Estonia http://www.president.ee/  (Est/Eng)
13. State Chancellery of Estonia http://www.riigikantselei.ee/ 
14. Statistical Office of Estonia  http://www.stat.ee/  (Est/Eng)

1. http://www.meh.hu/  (Prime Minister’s office, connections to
    other government agencies)
2. http://www.hungary.com/govof/newslet1095.html  (news from
    Embassy of Hungary in US)
3. http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/  (Hungarian home page, links to
    other websites)
4. http://www.hungary.com/Text/  (Hungarian Network, includes
    connections to media sites)
5. http://www.skh.hu/eng/index.html  (Hungarian Central Statis-
    tical Office)
6. National Election Office http://www.election.hu/

1. Baltic News Network  http://bnn-news.com/  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
2. Bank of Latvia  http://www.bank.lv/lat/main/all/  (Lat/Eng)
3. Cabinet of Ministers http://www.mk.gov.lv/eng/   (Lat/Rus/Eng/Ger)
4. Central Election Commission of Latvia   http://web.cvk.lv/  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
5. Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia http://www.csb.lv  (Lat/Eng)
6. Centre of Demography http://www.popin.lanet.lv/   (Lat/Eng)
7. Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia  http://www.satv.tiesa.gov.lv/
8. Embassy of Latvia in the US http://www.Latvia-USA.org    (Eng)
9. Government Data Communication Network http://www.gov.lv/   (Lat)
10. Latvian Centre for Human Rights  http://www.humanrights.org.lv/html/monitor  
11. Latvian Cultural Portal http://www.kultura.lv  (Lat/Eng)
12. Latvian Institute http://www.li.lv  (Lat/Eng/French)
13. Latvian Investment and Development Agency  http://www.liaa.gov.lv/?object_id=660
14. Latvia Related News http://www.lanet.lv/news/all.html  (Eng/Lat)
15. Latvian Telegraph Agency, LETA  http://www.leta2000.com  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
16. Latvian Tourism Portal  http://www.latviatourism.lv/  (Lat/Rus/Eng/Ger)
17. Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.am.gov.lv/      (Lat/Eng/Rus)
18. Ministry of Culture http://www.km.gov.lv  (Lat/Eng)
19. Ministry of Economics  http://www.em.gov.lv/em/2nd/?lng=en&cat=3&lng=en  (Lat/Eng)
20. Ministry of Finance  http://www.fm.gov.lv/  (Lat/Eng)
21. Ministry of Transport  http://www.sam.gov.lv/satmin/content/?cat=8  (Lat/Rus/Eng)
22. Naturalization Board http://np.gov.lv/  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
23. Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs  http://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv  (Lat/Rus/Eng)
24. President of Latvia  http://www.president.lv/?lng=en  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
25. Saeima-Latvian Parliament http://www.saeima.lv/  (Lat/Eng)


1. Central Electoral Committee http://www.vrk.lt/  (Lt/Eng)
2. Dept. of Statistics http://www.std.lt  (Lt/Eng)
3. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the US
    http://www.ltembassyus.org/links/welcome.htm  (Eng)
4. Government of the Republic of Lithuania  http://www.lrv.lt/  (Lt/Eng)
5. Lithuania home page http://neris.mii.lt/homepage/lietuva.html
6. Lithuania On-line http://www.on.lt  (Eng)
7. Lithuanian Central Internet Gates  http://www.lithuania.lt  (Lt/Eng/Ger/Rus/Pol/Fre)
8. Lithuanian Ministry of Defence http://www.kam.lt/  (Lt/Eng)
9. Lithuanian Parliament server http://www.lrs.lt/  (Lt/Eng/Fre)
10. Ministry of Economy http://www.ukmin.lt  (Lt/Eng)
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.urm.lt  (Lt/Eng)
12. Ministry of National Defence http://www.kam.lt  (Lt/Eng)
13. President of the Republic of Lithuania  http://www.president.lt  (Lt/Eng)

1. Agency of Information http://www.sinf.gov.mk/  (Mac/Eng)
2. Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH)   http://www.pdsh.org/  (Alb)
3. Country information http://www.macedonia.org  (Eng)
4. Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic
    Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE)  http://www.vmro-dpmne.org.mk/
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  http://www.mfa.gov.mk/default.aspx?ItemID=238   (Mac/Eng)
6. Ministry of the Interior http://www.mvr.gov.mk/  (Mac/Eng)
7. Social Democratic League of Macedonia (SDSM)  http://www.sdsm.org.mk/  (Mac)
8. State Election Commission http://www.dik.mk/  (Mac/Eng)
9. State Statistical Office http://www.stat.gov.mk (Mac/Eng)
10. Virtual Macedonia http://www.vmacedonia.com/index2.html 

1. Central Statistical Office  http://www.stat.gov.pl/cps/rde/xchg/gus  (Pol/Eng)
2. Chancellery of the Prime Minister  http://www.kprm.gov.pl/  (Pol/Eng)
3. Constitutional Tribunal  http://www.trybunal.gov.pl/  (Pol/Eng/Fre)
4. Embassy of Poland in the U.S.  http://www.polandembassy.org/embassy.html  (Eng)
5. Ministry of Finance  http://www.mf.gov.pl/  (Pol/Eng)
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  http://www.msz.gov.pl/  (Pol/Eng)
7. Ministry of Interior and Administration  http://www.mswia.gov.pl/  (Pol/Eng)
8. Ministry of National Defense  http://www.wp.mil.pl/pl/index/  (Pol/Eng)
9. National Bank of Poland  http://www.nbp.pl/  (Pol/Eng)
10. National Election Board  http://www.pkw.gov.pl  (Pol)
11. Poland.pl (info. about Poland)  http://poland.pl  (Pol/Eng)
12. Polish Press Agency  http://www.pap.com.pl   (Pol)
13. President of the Republic of Poland  http://www.prezydent.pl/x.node?id=82
14. Sejm home page  http://www.sejm.gov.pl/   (Pol/Eng)
15. Senate home page  http://www.senat.gov.pl/   (Pol/Eng)
16. Supreme Court  http://www.sn.pl/  (Pol/Eng)

1. Central Electoral Bureau http://www.bec2004.ro/  (Rom/Eng)
2. Embassy of Romania in the U.S.  http://washington.mae.ro/  (Eng)
3. Government of Romania (includes links to prime minister and parliament)
    http://www.guv.ro  (Rom/Eng/Fre)
4. Government of Romania, Department of European Affairs
    (http://www.dae.gov.ro/en/index.php  (Rom/Eng)
5. "Monitorul" (Romanian newspaper)  http://www.monitorulsv.ro/  (Rom/Eng)
6. National News Agency Agerpres  http://www.agerpres.ro/english/index.php/english.html
7. Newpapers and News Media Guide  http://www.abyznewslinks.com/roman.htm  (Eng)
8. Political Resources on the Net: Romania  http://www.politicalresources.net/romania.htm

1. http://www.slovakweek.com  (“Slovak Week”, Canadian newspaper,
    some news, subscription basis)
2. http://www.eunet.sk/slovakia/polit.html  (Slovakia document
3. http://www.eunet.sk/slovakia/elect-all.html  (1994 elections)
4. http://www.government.gov.sk/en_uvodne_info.shtml  (Slovak
    Republic Government Office)
5. Statistical Office http://www.statistics.rk  (Slo/Eng)

1. Decision making by citizens  http://www.volitve.gov.si/  (Slo/Eng)
2. Government of Slovenia  http://www.gov.si/  (Slo/Eng)
3. Republic Electoral Commission  http://www.si.rvk/  (Slo)
4. Slovenian Press Agency  http://www.sta.si/  (Slo/Eng)
5. State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia
    http://e-uprava.gov.si/e-uprava/en/portal.euprava  (Slo/Ita/Hun/Eng)

1. BETA News agency  http://www.beta.co.yu  (Srp/Eng/Hun/Romany/Alb)
2. Center for Free Elections and Democracy  http://www.cesid.org/  (Srp/Eng)
3. Central Europe Online  http://www.einnews.com/centraleurope/
4. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
    http://www.un.org/icty/  (Bos/Cro/Srp/Fre/Alb/Mac/Eng)
5. Official website of the Serbian government  http://www.srbija.sr.gov.yu/  (Srp/Eng/Ita)
6. Radio B-92 http://www.b92.net/  (Srp/Eng)
7. Republic Electoral Commission  http://www.rik.parliament.sr.gov.yu/  (Srp/Eng)
8. Serbia and Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs
9. Tito’s home page http://www.titoville.com/ 

1. Montenegro.com  http://www.montenegro.com  (Eng)
2. Montenegronews  http://wwwmnnews.net  (Srp/Eng)

1. http://mprofaca.cro.net/kosimgmap.html (road map of Kosovo)
2. http://uninfo.state.gov/regional/eur/balkans/kosovo 
    (USIA, US government statements on Kosovo)
3. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/full_coverage/world/kosovo 
    (World news stories)
4. http://www.gov.yu/terrorism/index.html  (“Albanian Terrorism
    in Kosovo and Metohia”, Yugo. govt. web site)
5. http://www.srpska-mreza.com/mlad/index.htm  (“The Saga of
    Kosovo”, Serb historical perspective)
6. http://www.unhcr.ch/news/media/kosovo.htm  (UNHCR web site)
7. http://www.un.org/peace/kosovo/pages/kosovo1.htm  (UNMIK)
8. http://www.civpol.org/unmik  (UNMIK police, Kos. Protection
    Service site)
9. http://usinfo.state.gov/regional/eur/balkans/kosovo  (USIA,
    US govt. statements on Kosovo)
10. http://kforonline.com/  (NATO/KFOR web site)
11. http://www.osce.org/kosovo  (OSCE web site)

                                                III. RESEARCH SOURCES

1. Constitution finder http://confinder.richmond.edu  (Eng)
2. International Constitutional Law
    http://www.oefre.unibe.ch/law/icl/index.html  (Eng)
3. Post-Soviet and East European Center, UTA
    http://www.uta.edu/cpsees/psees.htm  (Eng)
4. University of Hamburg Law School
    http://www.econ.uni-hamburg.de/law/  (Eng)

Foundations/Grant Organizations
1. Eurasia Foundation http://www.eurasia.org  (Eng)
2. International Research and Exchange Commission
    http://www.irex.org  (Eng)
3. American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European
    Languages http://aatseel.org  (Eng)

General Information
1. Amnesty International http://www.amnesty.org  (Eng)
2. Coalition for International Justice
    http://www.cij.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=homepage  (Eng)
3. Council of Europe http://www.coe.int/  (Eng)
4. Doing Business  http://www.doingbusiness.org/  (Eng)
5. Election Resources on the Internet
    http://electionresources.org/  (Eng/Spa)
6. Elections Around the World
    http://www.electionworld.org  (Eng)
7. EU Observer  http://www.euobserver.com  (Eng)
8. European Court of Human Rights
    http://www.echr.coe.int  (Eng/Fre)
9. European Parliament http://www.europarl.eu.int/  (Eng)
10. European Union http://europa.eu.int  (Eng/Fre)
11. EUROSTAT http://europa.eu.int/comm/eurostat.research  (Eng)
12. Federation of American Scientists (Projects on Govt. Secrecy)
     http://www.fas.org/sgp/index.html (Eng)
13. Forced Migration Online http://www.forcedmigration.org  (Eng)
14. Global Statistics http://www.xist.org  (Eng)
15. Institute for War and Peace Reporting
     http://www.iwpr.net  (Eng)
16. International Committee of the Red Cross
     http://www.icrc.org  (Eng)
17. International Foundation for Electoral Systems
     http://www.ifes.org  (Eng)
18. International Monetary Fund http://www.imf.org
19. Legislation Online  http://www.legislationline.org/  (Eng)
20. Living Languages, The Institute for Endangered Languages
     http://www.livingtongues.org/  (Eng)
21. National Democratic Institute  http://www.ndi.org   (Eng)
22. National Security Archives http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/ 
23. NATO http://www.nato.int  (Eng/Spa/Fre/Ger)
24. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre  http://www.peacebuilding.no  (Eng/Nor)
     Links to NGOs:  http://www.peacebuilding.no/Links/Norwegian-Institute-for-International-Affairs-NUPI  (Eng)
25. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
     http://www.osce.org  (Eng)
26. Parties and Elections in Europe
     http://www.parties-and-elections.de/  (Eng/Ger)
27. Pew Research Center (public opinion polls, surveys, and comparative stats)
     http://www.pewresearch.org/  (Eng)
28. Political Resources on the Net
     http://www.politicalresources.net/  (Eng)
29. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty http://www.rferl.org/
30. RAND Corporation http://www.rand.org (Eng)
31. Roper Center for Public Opinion
     http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/  (Eng)
32. Rulers http://rulers.org/  (Eng)
33. Soros Foundation Network http://www.soros.org  (Eng)
34. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
      http://www.sipri.se  (Eng)
35. United Nations http://www.un.org  (Eng/Fre)
36. UN Development Programme http://www.undp.org  (Eng)
37. UN Office on Drugs and Crime http://www.unodc.org/  (Eng)
38. World Bank http://www.worldbank.org (Eng/Fre/Rus)
39. World Trade Organization http://www.wto.org  (Eng/Spa/Fre)
40. Zarate’s Political Collections
     http://www.terra.es/personal2/monolith/home.htm  (Eng/Spa)

1. Geography at About.com
    http://geography.about.com/mbody.htm  (Eng)
2. Maps.com   http://www.maps.com/  (Eng)
3. National Geographic   http://www.nationalgeographic.com/  (Eng)
4. Perry-Castenada Library map collection, UT-Austin
    http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/index.html  (Eng)
5. TerraServer.USA   http://www.terraserver.com/  (Eng)

News Sources
1. Associated Press   http://www.ap.org/  (Eng)
2. BBC News   http://news.bbc.co.uk/  (Eng)
3. CNN   http://www.cnn.com/  (Eng)
4. IRNA online news agencies
    http://www.irna.com/en/links/linka.shtml#B (Eng)
5. “New York Times”   http://www.nytimes.com/ (Eng)
6. Reuters   http://www.reuters.com/index.html  (Eng)
7. “Washington Post”   http://www.washingtonpost.com/  (Eng)
8. World-Newspapers   http://www.world-newspapers.com/  (Eng)

U.S. Government
1. Central Intelligence Agency   http://www.cia.gov/  (Eng)
2. Dept. of Defense   http://www.defenselink.mil   (Eng)
3. Dept. of Justice, statistics on crime
    http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/  (Eng)
4. Dept. of State   http://www.state.gov  (Eng)
5. Electronic Embassy (foreign embassy staffs in Washington)
    http://www.embassy.org/  (Eng)
6. International Trade Administration
    http://www.ITA.doc.gov/  (Eng)
7. Library of Congress   http://www.loc.gov/  (Eng)
8. National Archives   http://www.archives.gov/index.html
9. National Security Agency   http://www.nsa.gov  (Eng)
10. National Virtual Translation Center  http://www.nvtc.gov/ (Eng)
11. Office of Management and Budget
    http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb  (Eng)
12. Office of Personnel Management
    http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/  (Eng)
13. United States Institute of Peace http://www.usip.org/

(revised 1-8-14)