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                                                              WEB SITES
                                    FOR COURSES IN RUSSIAN-EURASIAN STUDIES
                                                AND COMPARATIVE POLITICS
                                                        I. RUSSIA-EURASIA

1. Armenia Diaspora  (Eng)
2. Armenian links 
3. Armenpress, Armenian News Agency 
4. ARMINFO News Agency  (Arm/Eng/Rus)
5. Central Electoral Commission 
6. Embassy of Armenia in the US 
7. Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia
8. National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
9. National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Armenia  (Arm/Rus/Eng/Fre)
10. President of the Republic of Armenia  (Eng/Arm/Rus)

1. Embassy of Azerbaijan in the US 
2. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan  (Az/Eng/Rus)
3. State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan  (Az)

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Nagorno- Karabakh

1. A Belaus Miscellany 
2. Belarus - A Country Study  (Eng)
3. National Academy of Sciences of Belarus  (Bel/Eng/Rus)
4. National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus
5. President of the Republic of Belarus eng/ (Rus/Eng)
6. United States Embassy in Belarus 
7. WWW.Belarus  (Eng)

Eurasia/Central Asia
1. Central Eurasian Studies World Wide  (Eng)
2. Central Eurasia Project initiatives/cep/ (Eng)
3. Eurasia Daily Monitor    (Eng)
4.  (Eng/Rus)

1. Central Election Commission  (Geo/Eng)
2. Civil Georgia  (Eng/Geor/Rus)
3. Democratic Georgia-United Movement (opposition party of Nino Burjanadze) (Geo/Eng)
4. Georgia and the IMF  (Eng)
5. Georgia Revealed  (Eng)
6. “Georgian Daily Times”  (Eng)
7. Georgian Parliament  (Geo/Eng)
8. Government of Georgia  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
9. Georgian Labour Party  (Geo/Rus/Eng)
10. Languages on the Web, Georgian Links
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
12. News Information Agency of Georgia (RIA-Novosti)  (Rus/Geo)
13. Open Society Georgia Foundation  (Geo/Eng)
14. President of Georgia  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
15. Republican Party of Georgia  (Geo/Eng)
16. Rustavi-2 Georgia Online  (Geo/Eng)
17. Sarke Information Agency  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
18. UNDP in Georgia  (Geo/Eng)
19. Visit Georgia  (Eng/Ger/Ita/Fre/Jap/Rus)

20. Abkhazia.Org home page  (Eng)
21. Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (pro-Georgian)  (Geo/Eng/Rus)
22. Political Resources on the Net-Abkhazia (Eng)
23. Republic of Abkhazia  (Eng)

1. Internews Kazakhstan  (Eng)
3. KABAR, Kazakh National News Agency  (Kaz/Rus/Eng)
4. Kazinform News Agency  (Kaz/Rus/Eng/Arab)
5. National Bank of Kazakhstan 
6. Official Kazakhstan web page  (Kaz/Rus/Eng)

1. AKIpress  (Rus/Eng)
2. Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA and Canada  (Eng)
3. Government of the Kyrgyz Republic  (Rus)

1. Chisinau web page  (Eng/Rom/Rus)
2. Embassy of Moldova in the US  (Eng)
3. Moldova-AZI  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
4. National Bank of Moldova  (Rom/Eng)
5. Official Page of the President of Moldova  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
6. Parliament of the Republic of Moldova  (Rom/Eng/Rus)
7. US Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova 

1. Carnegie Endowment-Russian and Eurasian Program (Eng)
2. National and Ethnic Home Pages  (Eng)

1. Chechenpress State News Agency (rebel site)  (Rus/Eng)
2. Chechnya Free.RU (Russian govt.) 
3. Chechnya News  (Eng)
4. Kavkaz-Tsentr (Islamic Information Center)  (Eng/Rus/Tur/Ukr/Ara)
5. Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization - Chechen Republic of Ichkeria  (Eng)
6. The President and Government of the Chechen Republic  (Rus)

1. American Chamber of Commerce in Russia  (Eng)
2. eAtlas (Russian maps)  (Eng/Rus)
3. “Memorial” (Pamyat)  (Rus/Eng/Dutch)
4. Moscow Kremlin virtual tour  (Rus/Eng)
5. Moscow Metro  (Rus)
6. Russian PEN Centre (Russian and English)  (Rus/Eng)
7. Russia’s Weather  (Rus/Eng)

Economics, Elections and Statistics:
1. AK&M Information Agency  (Rus/Eng)
2. Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition 
3. Central Electoral Commission  (Rus/Eng)
4. Centre for Economic and Financial Research (ind. think tank)  (Rus/Eng)
5. Dmitrii Medvedev campaign site
6. Federal State Statistics Service  (Rus/Eng)
7. International Foundation for Election Systems (election laws)  (Rus)
8. Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS  (Rus/Eng)
9. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)  (Rus/Eng)
10. Norwegian Institute of International Relations (data on regions)  (Nor/Eng)
11. Russia Votes, Center for the Study of Public Policy, Univ. of
     Strathclyde  (Eng)
12. Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)  (Rus/Eng)
13. St. Petersburg Stock Exchange  (Rus)

1. “Agentura” On behalf of national security  (Rus/Eng)
2. Central Bank of Russia  (Rus/Eng)
3. Constitutional Court of Russia  (Rus/Eng/Fre/Ger)
4. Embassy of Russian Federation in the US  (Rus/Eng)
5. Federal Government server  (Rus)
6. Federal Security Service (FSB)  (Rus)
7. Federation Council  (Rus/Eng)
8.  Ministry of Agriculture  (Rus)
9. Ministry of Defense  (Rus/Eng/Ger/Fre)
10. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade  (Rus)
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   (Rus/Eng/Fre/Spa/Ger/Cze)
12. Ministry of Justice  (Rus)
13. Ministry of Finance  (Rus)
14. President of the Russian Federation  (Rus/Eng)
15. Procurator General of the Russian Federation  (Rus)                       
16. Security Council  (Rus)
17. State Duma  (Rus)
18. Supreme Court  (Rus/Eng)

Parties and Politicians:
1. Agrarian Party of Russia  (Rus/Eng)
2. Communist Party of Russian Federation  (Rus)
3. Communist Party of the Soviet Union  (Rus)
4. Ilya Yashin: Live Journal  (Rus)
5. Liberal Democratic Party of Russia  (Rus)
6. Motherland-National Patriotic Union  (Rus)
7. National Bolshevik Party (Rus)
8. Boris Nemtsov’s home page  (Rus)
9. The Other Russia  (Eng)
10. Russian National Unity (fascists)  (Rus)
11. Unified Russia  (Rus)
12. Union of Right Forces  (Rus)
13. Yabloko home page  (Rus/Eng)

1. Ancient Faith Radio (Orthodox radio, Chicago)  (Eng)
2. Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS  (Rus/Heb/Eng)
3. Inter-religious Council of Russia   (Rus/Eng)
4. Interfax-Religion  (Eng)
5. Islam in Russia  (Rus/Eng)
6. Religions-Christian-Russia/The Russian Federation   (Eng)
7. Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate  (Rus/Eng)

Russian news agencies, papers, web-news sites:
1. Agency of Political News  (Rus)
2.  (Rus)
3. Argumenty i Fakty  (Rus)
4. “Delovoy Petersburg”  (Rus/Eng)
5. Ekho Moskvy  (Rus/Eng)
6. “”  (Rus)
7. “GazetaSNG" (CIS)  (Rus)
8. “" (Foreign Press about Russia)  (Rus)
9. Interfax News Service (subscription)  (Eng)
10. "Itogi"  (Rus)
11. ITAR-TASS On-line  (Rus/Eng)
12. “Izvestiya”  (Rus)
13. "Kommersant"  (Rus/Eng)
14. "Kommersant-Vlast"  (Rus)
15. "Komsomolskaya Pravda"  (Rus)
16. "Krasnaya Zvezda"  (Rus)
17. "Literaturnaya Gazeta"  (Rus)
18. “Moscow News”  (Rus/Eng)
19. “Moscow Times”  (Eng)
20. National Information Service  (Rus)
21. "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"  (Rus)
22. "Novaya Gazeta"  (Rus)
23. NTV  (Rus)
24. "Parlamentskaya Gazeta"  (Rus)
25.  (Rus)
26. "Pravda"  (Rus/Eng/Por/Ita)
27.  (Rus/Eng)
28. RIA-Novosti  (Rus/Eng/Ger/Fre)
29. "Russia Journal"  (Eng)
30. Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti  (Rus)
31. "Sovetskaya Rossiya"  (Rus)
32. "The St. Petersburg Times"  (Eng)
33. "Trud"  (Rus)
34. "Vedomosti" (Wall Street Journal and Financial Times)  (Rus)
35. "Vesti"  (Rus)
36. "Vladivostok News"  (Eng)

1. Tajikistan-A Country Study  (Eng)
2. Khovar Information Agency  (Rus)

1. Embassy of Turkmenistan in the US  (Eng)
2. People’s Democratic Movement of Turkmenistan  (Rus/Eng)
3. Social-Political Movement “Watan”  (Rus/Eng/Tur)
4.  (Rus/Eng)
5. US Embassy in Turkmenistan  (Rus/Eng/Tur)

1. All-Ukrainian population census 2001 
2. Bloc of Yuliya Tymoshenko
3. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
4. Central Election Commission  (Ukr)
5. Embassy of Ukraine in the U.S.  (Eng)
6. Embassy of the U.S. in Ukraine  (Eng)
7. Governmental Portal  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
8. Kiev Ukraine News Blog   (Eng)
9. KiddofSpeed (trip through Chornobly) (Eng)
10. “Kyiv Post”  (Eng)
11. Media International Group  (Eng/Rus)
12. My Ukraine, Personal website of Viktor Yushchenko  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
13. Our Ukraine   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
14. Party of Regions  (Rus/Ukr/Eng)
15. President of Ukraine   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
16. Religious Information Service of Ukraine  (Ukr/Eng/
17. Security Service of Ukraine  (Ukr/Eng)
18. Socialist Party of Ukraine  (Ukr)
19. State Statistics Committee of Ukraine  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
20. Supreme Rada (Council) of Ukraine   (Ukr)
21. Ukrainian Information Project  (Ukr)
22. Ukrainian News  (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
23. Ukrinform, Ukrainian National Information Agency   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)
24. UNIAN news agency  (Ukr/Eng/Rus)
25. UN in Ukraine  (Eng)
26. Yuliya Tymoshenko   (Ukr/Rus/Eng)

1. “Arena” Committee for Freedom of Speech and Expression  (Rus/Eng)
2. “Birlik” Popular Movement of Uzbekistan  (Eng/Rus/Tur)
3. Information Agency  (Rus/Eng)
4. Governmental Portal of the Republic or Uzbekistan
5. Jahon Information Agency of the MFA of Uzbekistan  (Uzb/Rus/Eng/Ara)
6. Organization for Assistance to Freedom of Speech 
7.  (Uzb/Rus/Eng)
8. Uzbekistan resource page  (Uzb)
9. Uzbekistan National News Agency  (Uzb/Rus/Eng/Fre/Ger)

                                                    II. EASTERN and CENTRAL EUROPE

1. Albanian Telegraphic Agency   (Alb/Fre/Eng)
2. “Albanian Times” 
3. Central Elections Commission  (Alb/Eng)

1. Bosnia Action Coalition  (Eng)
2. Bosnia and Hercegovina  (Eng)
3. Bosnian Embassy  (Eng)
4. Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina  (Bos/Cro/Ser)
5. Maps of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina  (Eng)
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Eng)

1. (Eng)                                                                 2. Bulgarian News (Telegraph) Agency  (Bul/Eng)   3. Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Washington, DC 
4. (Business and Finance News Daily)   (Bul)
5. Republic of Bulgaria Privatization Agency  (Eng/Bul)
6. Sofia News Agency  (Bul/Eng)                                              

1.  (Govt. information server)
2.  (Croatian parliament)
3.  (President of Croatia
    home page)
4.    (Croatian News Service)
5. (Social Democratic party)
6. State Election Commission  (Cro)

Czech Republic
1.  (home
    page of former President Havel, includes speeches)
2.  (Czech embassy in DC)
3.  (CTK, Czech News Agency)
4.  (News from the Czech Republic)
    (general information)
6.  (political system)
8. Statistical Office Election Server 

Eastern and Central European servers
1. Austrian Institute for Economic Research  (Ger/Eng)
2. Central Europe Online   (Eng)

1. “Baltic Review”  (Eng)
2. “City Paper”  (Eng)
3. Council of the Baltic Sea States  (Eng)
4. Embassy of Estonia in US  (Eng/Est)
5. Estonia and the European Union  (Est/Eng)
6. Estonia-wide web, search engine  (Eng)
7. Estonian Legal Language Center  (Est/Eng)
8. Estonian National Electoral Committee  (Est/Eng)
9. Ministry of Defense  (Est/Eng)
10. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Est/Eng)
11. President of Estonia  (Est/Eng)
12. State Chancellery of Estonia 
13. Statistical Office of Estonia  (Est/Eng)

1.  (Prime Minister’s office, connections to
    other government agencies)
2.  (news from
    Embassy of Hungary in US)
3.  (Hungarian home page, links to
    other websites)
4.  (Hungarian Network, includes
    connections to media sites)
5.  (Hungarian Central Statis-
    tical Office)
6. National Election Office

1. Bank of Latvia  (Lat/Eng)
2. Cabinet of Ministers   (Lat/Rus/Eng/Ger)
3. Central Election Commission of Latvia  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
4. Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia  (Lat/Eng)
5. Centre of Demography   (Lat/Eng)
6. Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia
7. Embassy of Latvia in the US    (Eng)
8. Government Data Communication Network   (Lat)
9. Latvian Centre for Human Rights  
10. Latvian Cultural Portal  (Lat/Eng)
11. Latvian Institute  (Lat/Eng/French)
12. Latvian Investment and Development Agency
13. Latvia Related News  (Eng/Lat)
14. Latvian Telegraph Agency, LETA  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
15. Latvian Tourism Portal  (Lat/Rus/Eng/Ger)
16. Ministry of Foreign Affairs      (Lat/Eng/Rus)
17. Ministry of Culture  (Lat/Eng)
18. Ministry of Economics  (Lat/Eng)
19. Ministry of Finance  (Lat/Eng)
20. Ministry of Transport  (Lat/Rus/Eng)
21. Naturalization Board  (Lat/Eng/Rus)
22. Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs  (Lat/Rus/Eng)
23. Saeima-Latvian Parliament  (Lat/Eng)


1. Central Electoral Committee  (Lt/Eng)
2. Dept. of Statistics  (Lt/Eng)
3. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the US  (Eng)
4. Government of the Republic of Lithuania  (Lt/Eng)
5. Lithuania home page
6. Lithuania On-line  (Eng)
7. Lithuanian Central Internet Gates  (Lt/Eng/Ger/Rus/Pol/Fre)
8. Lithuanian Ministry of Defence  (Lt/Eng)
9. Lithuanian Parliament server  (Lt/Eng/Fre)
10. Ministry of Economy  (Lt/Eng)
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Lt/Eng)
12. Ministry of National Defence  (Lt/Eng)
13. President of the Republic of Lithuania  (Lt/Eng)

1. Agency of Information  (Mac/Eng)
2. Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH)  (Alb)
3. Country information  (Eng)
4. Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic
    Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE)
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   (Mac/Eng)
6. Ministry of the Interior  (Mac/Eng)
7. Social Democratic League of Macedonia (SDSM)  (Mac)
8. State Election Commission  (Mac/Eng)
9. State Statistical Office (Mac/Eng)
10. Virtual Macedonia 

1. Central Statistical Office  (Pol/Eng)
2. Chancellery of the Prime Minister  (Pol/Eng)
3. Constitutional Tribunal  (Pol/Eng/Fre)
4. Embassy of Poland in the U.S.  (Eng)
5. Ministry of Finance  (Pol/Eng)
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Pol/Eng)
7. Ministry of Interior and Administration  (Pol/Eng)
8. Ministry of National Defense  (Pol/Eng)
9. National Bank of Poland  (Pol/Eng)
10. National Election Board  (Pol)
11. (info. about Poland)  (Pol/Eng)
12. Polish Press Agency   (Pol)
13. President of the Republic of Poland
14. Sejm home page   (Pol/Eng)
15. Senate home page   (Pol/Eng)
16. Supreme Court  (Pol/Eng)

1. Central Electoral Bureau  (Rom/Eng)
2. Embassy of Romania in the U.S.  (Eng)
3. Government of Romania (includes links to prime minister and parliament)  (Rom/Eng/Fre)
4. Government of Romania, Department of European Affairs
    (  (Rom/Eng)
5. "Monitorul" (Romanian newspaper)  (Rom/Eng)
6. National News Agency Agerpres
7. Newpapers and News Media Guide  (Eng)
8. Political Resources on the Net: Romania

1.  (“Slovak Week”, Canadian newspaper,
    some news, subscription basis)
2.  (Slovakia document
3.  (1994 elections)
4.  (Slovak
    Republic Government Office)
5. Statistical Office http://www.statistics.rk  (Slo/Eng)

1. Decision making by citizens  (Slo/Eng)
2. Government of Slovenia  (Slo/Eng)
3. Republic Electoral Commission  (Slo)
4. Slovenian Press Agency  (Slo/Eng)
5. State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia  (Slo/Ita/Hun/Eng)

1. BETA News agency  (Srp/Eng/Hun/Romany/Alb)
2. Center for Free Elections and Democracy  (Srp/Eng)
3. Central Europe Online
4. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia  (Bos/Cro/Srp/Fre/Alb/Mac/Eng)
5. Official website of the Serbian government  (Srp/Eng/Ita)
6. Radio B-92  (Srp/Eng)
7. Republic Electoral Commission  (Srp/Eng)
8. Serbia and Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
9. Tito’s home page 

1.  (Eng)
2. Montenegronews  (Srp/Eng)

1. (road map of Kosovo)
    (USIA, US government statements on Kosovo)
    (World news stories)
4.  (“Albanian Terrorism
    in Kosovo and Metohia”, Yugo. govt. web site)
5.  (“The Saga of
    Kosovo”, Serb historical perspective)
6.  (UNHCR web site)
7.  (UNMIK)
8.  (UNMIK police, Kos. Protection
    Service site)
9.  (USIA,
    US govt. statements on Kosovo)
10.  (NATO/KFOR web site)
11.  (OSCE web site)


                                                III. RESEARCH SOURCES

1. Constitution finder  (Eng)
2. International Constitutional Law  (Eng)
3. Post-Soviet and East European Center, UTA  (Eng)
4. University of Hamburg Law School  (Eng)

Foundations/Grant Organizations
1. Eurasia Foundation  (Eng)
2. International Research and Exchange Commission  (Eng)
3. American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European
    Languages  (Eng)

General Information
1. Amnesty International  (Eng)
2. Coalition for International Justice  (Eng)
3. Council of Europe  (Eng)
4. Doing Business  (Eng)
5. Election Resources on the Internet  (Eng/Spa)
6. Elections Around the World  (Eng)
7. EU Observer  (Eng)
8. European Court of Human Rights  (Eng/Fre)
9. European Parliament  (Eng)
10. European Union  (Eng/Fre)
11. EUROSTAT  (Eng)
12. Federation of American Scientists (Projects on Govt. Secrecy) (Eng)
13. Forced Migration Online  (Eng)
14. Global Statistics  (Eng)
15. Institute for War and Peace Reporting  (Eng)
16. International Committee of the Red Cross  (Eng)
17. International Foundation for Election Systems  (Eng)
18. International Monetary Fund
19. Legislation Online  (Eng)
20. National Democratic Institute   (Eng)
21. National Security Archives 
22. NATO  (Eng/Spa/Fre/Ger)
23. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)  (Eng)
24. Parties and Elections in Europe  (Eng/Ger)
25. Political Resources on the Net  (Eng)
26. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
27. RAND Corporation (Eng)
28. Roper Center for Public Opinion  (Eng)
29. Rulers  (Eng)
30. Soros Foundation Network  (Eng)
31. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  (Eng)
32. United Nations  (Eng/Fre)
33. UN Development Programme  (Eng)
34. UN Office on Drugs and Crime  (Eng)
35. World Bank (Eng/Fre/Rus)
36. World Trade Organization  (Eng/Spa/Fre)
37. Zarate’s Political Collections  (Eng/Spa)

1. Geography at  (Eng)
2.  (Eng)
3. National Geographic  (Eng)
4. Perry-Castenada Library map collection, UT-Austin  (Eng)
5. TerraServer.USA  (Eng)

News Sources
1. Associated Press  (Eng)
2. BBC News  (Eng)
3. CNN  (Eng)
4. IRNA online news agencies (Eng)
5. “New York Times” (Eng)
6. Reuters  (Eng)
7. “Washington Post”  (Eng)
8. World-Newspapers  (Eng)

U.S. Government
1. Central Intelligence Agency  (Eng)
2. Dept. of Defense   (Eng)
3. Dept. of Justice, statistics on crime  (Eng)
4. Dept. of State  (Eng)
5. Electronic Embassy (foreign embassy staffs in Washington)  (Eng)
6. International Trade Administration  (Eng)
7. Library of Congress  (Eng)
8. National Archives
9. National Security Agency  (Eng)
10. National Virtual Translation Center (Eng)
11. Office of Management and Budget  (Eng)
12. Office of Personnel Management  (Eng)
13. United States Institute of Peace

(revised 1-19-12)