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Human Genome Databases

OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) It is a catalog of human genes and genetic disorders.
GeneCards - integrated biomedical genetic information It is a database that intends to address some of these problems by integrating biomedical information taken from several sources.
OMIM gene map It presents the cytogenetic map location of disease genes and other expressed genes described in OMIM.
The HuGeMap database.
GenAtlas Compiles the information relevant to the mapping efforts of the Human Genome Project.
The Genome Channel This system is a prototype graphical browser for querying the annotated reference genome.
Human Genome Variation Database
dbSNP - A Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.
Transcript Map of the Human Genome.
The Genetic Location Database (LDB) Ldb is an analytical database for constructing fully integrated genetic and physical maps.
BodyMap - Anatomical Expression Database of Human Genes It is a data bank of expression information of human genes, novel or known, in various tissues or cell types.
CEPH-Genethon integrated map This page allows you to search the CEPH-Genethon mapping data used to build the first generation physical map of the human genome.
CEPH Genotype database It maintains a database of genotypes for all genetic markers that have been tested in the reference families for linkage mapping of the human chromosomes.
dbEST Expressed Sequence Tag Database The dbEST Database holds many Human ESTs.
UniGene - Unique Human Gene Sequence Collection This holds clusters of human EST sequences that represent the transcription products of distinct genes.
dbSTS Sequence Tagged Site Database It holds many Human STSs.
V BASE: A Directory of Human Immunoglobulin V Genes A directory of human immunoglobulin germline variable region sequences compiled from over a thousand published sequences.
Anthony Nolan Research Institute (ANRI) The WHO Nomenclature and HLA Sequence alignments are available from this site, together with monthly updates.
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology It is a cooperative process of reviewing and updating on somatic genetics, clinical entities in cancer, and on cancer-prone diseases.
TIGR Human Gene Index (HGI) The TIGR Human Gene Index (HGI) integrates research results from international human gene research projects, including research at TIGR. The Index is an outgrowth of our Human cDNA Database (HCD) and Expressed Gene Anatomy Database (EGAD) projects.
GeneLoc GeneLoc presents an integrated map for each human chromosome.

Human Chromosome Specific Databases

Human Chromosome Launchpad (ORNL).This site is provided as a single-source launchpad to information about each human chromosome.

Descriptions of the Human Genome Project

Blazing a Genetic Trail.
Genetics Education Centre
The Human Genome Project
HGP Human Genome Project at Oak Ridge National Labs
To Know Ourselves
U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program

Complete Genomes

GOLD: Genomes Online Database is a World Wide Web resource for comprehensive access to information regarding complete and ongoing genome projects around the world.
Status of Genome Sequencing Projects at the Sanger Institute
Status of Genome Sequencing Projects at TIGR
Currently Supported Large-Scale Genome Sequencing Projects
Ensembl project
Vega Genome Browser The Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database is a central repository for high quality, frequently updated, manual annotation of vertebrate finished genome sequence.

Comparative Genome Databases

Human/Mouse Homology Relationships This is the Seldin/Debry Human/Mouse Homology Map, a table comparing genes in homologous segments of DNA from human and mouse sources, sorted by position in each genome.
XLocus It is an experimental attempt to link several genome databases together.
XREF Database It is a component of an effort to cross-reference the genetics of model organisms with mammalian phenotypes and expedite the discovery of genes mutated in human disease states.
Online Mendelian Inheritance In Animals (OMIA) It is a database of the genes and phenes that have been documented in a wide range of animal species other than those for which databases already exist (human, rat and mouse).
Online Cytogenetics of Animals (OCOA) a bibliographic resource.
INRA comparative homology database
Mutation Spectra Database This database consists of over 24 000 mutations in 18 viral, bacterial, yeast or mammalian genes.
Gene Census Genome Comparisons It is intended to give a comprehensive statistical accounting of protein structural features in genomes, and in the sequence databanks -- in the sense of a demographic census.

Organelle Genome Databases

Organellar Genome Megasequencing Program and yeast mitochondrial database
MitoDat - Mendelian Inheritance and the Mitochondrion
Rodent Genome Databases

Mouse and Rat Genome Databases
EUCIB Mouse Backcross Database
Mouse Genome Informatics Project (Jackson Labs)
The Mouse UniGene Collection
The German Mouse ENU Project
NIH Mouse Initiative Web site
The Whole Mouse Catalog
Rat Strain Information and Lab Code Names
Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome

Transgenic and Targeted Mutation Databases
ORNL Transgenic and Targeted Mutant Animal Database.

Other Databases
Mouse Cytogenetic Map Image
Whitehead Institute/MIT Genome Center Rat SSLP Data

Vertebrate Genome Databases

University of Illinois NCSA Biotechnology Center
Bovine Genome Database (NAGRP)
Cattle Genome Map

The Dog Genome Project
The FHCRC Dog Genome Project
Canine Genetics Research

HGMP-RC Fugu Project
Zebra Fish Information
Cichlid Genome Consorcium
Tetraodon nigrovidis - Whole genome shotgun


Horse Genetics

Roslin PiGMaP Data
NAGRP Pig Gene Map

Chicken Genome Map
The U.S. Poultry Gene Mapping Homepage
NAGRP Chicken Gene Map

Centre for Animal Biotechnology (University of Melbourne)

Mixtures and Other Species
JGBASE - The Animal Genome Database

Plant Genome Databases

Arabidopsis Databases
Arabidopsis Genome Resource (AGR)
TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource
Arabidopsis Information Management System (AIMS)
GARNET(Genomic Arabidopsis Resource NETwork)
MIPS - A. thaliana genome project
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC)

Other Plant Databases
UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network (UK CropNet)
Dendrome: A Genome Database for Forest Trees
Japan Rice Genome Research Program (RGP)
Maize Genetics/Genomics Database project.
The Maize Sequence analysis Project
Soybean Genomics Initiative
The TIGR Rice Genome Annotation Database and Resource
International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP)

Protozoon Genome Databases

Trypoanosoma brucei Genome Project The Trypanosoma brucei genome project is one of five genome initiatives sponsored by the World Health Organisation.

Regulation & Cellular-Level Databases

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG)
Biomolecular Reaction pathways for Information Transfer and Expression (BRITE)
Signaling PAthway Database (SPAD)
WIT2 - What Is There
Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database
ExPASy Biochemical Pathways
Klotho: Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
TRANSFAC - Transcription Factor database
MMP - Main Metabolic Pathways

Embryology, Organ Development & BodyPlan Databases EpoDB - Erythropoiesis Database
Prostate Expression Database

Other Information

FilGenNet, the Filarial Genome Network An international initiative to coordinate genome research on the filarial nematode parasites of humans.
Genetic analysis web server Genome mapping software resources.
The Genome Database It supports the Human Genome Project.

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