Mathematics 5392: Advanced Perspectives on Functions, Equations, and Number Systems


  • Section 2.2.1 #5 roots are given  here.
  • Here are some links that clarify some of the discussion in class (or will be used soon in class):
    • This link is to the freeware that we discussed in class. Click here.
    • This link relates to the discussion we had about cylindrical, gnomic, and other projections and how each preserves different quantities (such as angles, straightness, etc.). Click here.
    • This link will be used in class on October 10th as we close our current discussion on complex numbers. Click here.
  • Screen Shots for analyzing roots of  with the help of your graphing calculator. Click here.
    NOTE that I would like you to look at this before class on Tuesday (October 10th).
  • Remember to take a look at this website before class on Tuesday, October 17th. Recall that we determined "easier" ways to plot the roots and orbits on our calculators using parametric equations and by eliminating the parameters.



Last revised: July 22, 2011.